How to Start Prepping:  A Beginners Step-By-Step Guide

Prepping used to be a term that brought up images of paranoid people locked in military-style camps with watchtowers and guns pointing out.

But now the general public is waking up to the need to prep. If you are new to prepping and don’t know where to start, don’t worry.

Step 1: The Prepper Mentality

It means that you accept that a disaster could strike. It means taking responsibility for your own safety and security and that of your family. It means being active in the face of disaster instead of passive.

Step 2: Water

It isn’t enough to stockpile water (though this is a good start). You must also know how to purify water that might be contaminated.

Step 3: Food

Beginner preppers can start by stockpiling non-perishable food items, such as canned goods and cereals. Like your water supply, you should aim for a 30-day supply.

Step 4: Non-Food Items to Stockpile

How will you go to the bathroom when there is no plumbing? How will you stay clean without a running faucet and soap? How will you light your home without electricity?

Step 5: Disaster Plans and Drills

This is especially important for preppers with families. You need to come up with a clear plan about what to do during a disaster or emergency situation.

Step 6: Build Survival Kits

A straightforward thing you can do to help you through a disaster is to build a survival kit. Bear in mind that you need to build different types of survival kits.