How to Make Mushroom Jerky

Are you harvesting hordes of fresh fungi? Making mushroom jerky is a great way to preserve the bounty and provide your family with tasty snacks at the same time.

Read on to learn how to make delicious mushroom jerky at home, including smart storage techniques and a marinade recipe sure to make your mouth water.

Materials to Make Mushroom Jerky

- Mushrooms - Knife - Dehydrator - Storage containers - Marinade

Source Mushrooms

When it comes to making jerky, not all shrooms are created equal. You want fungi with distinct flavors that will chorus with the marinade, creating a sticky umami love bomb inside your mouth.

Clean and Slice the Fungi

When cleaning fungi, use a damp paper towel or dishcloth to wipe away debris from the cap, stem, and pore surface. Remove any insects, and look between the gills to check for bugs and grime in those hard-to-reach areas.

Marinate Mushrooms to Taste

Add your mushroom slices to the marinade and toss, ensuring each piece gets a nice coating. The marinade doesn’t have to cover the fungi completely, but there should be a substantial amount of liquid in the container.

Arrange and Dehydrate

Hold them over a bowl and let the marinade drip off for a moment or two. Afterward, put them straight on the racks, arranging them a few centimeters apart. Turn your dehydrator to 125° F and leave the mushrooms to dehydrate for four hours.

Check for Doneness

The perfect mushroom jerky will have a little bark on the outer edge and pull apart easily. If the pieces are still wet and squishy, they need more time.

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