How To Make Oregano Oil and Why Every Survivalist Needs It

Oregano oil is easy to make and should be every survivalist’s bug-out bag, first-aid kit, and every self-sustainable home’s bathroom cabinet.

From sore throats to bacterial infections, fungus to flu, oregano oil is your go-to cure.

Getting Started

To make oregano oil, you need the following ingredients: – Oregano leaves and flowers –     dried, crushed, or chopped – Oil   You’ll also need: – A clean glass jar with an     airtight lid

Preparing The Oregano

Although wild oregano is more potent than any cultivated oregano, as I’m in South Africa and it grows in Eurasia and the Mediterranean, I had to make do with what was in my garden.

Step One: Harvest

Harvest the oregano by snipping off the branch just below the leaves. The best time to harvest is just before the plant flowers, as this is when it is at its most potent.

Step Two: Process

I decided to use fresh oregano for this recipe, so I started by stripping the leaves and flowers from the stems. The easiest way to do this is to hold the tip of the branch between your finger and thumb and then run the fingers of the other hand along the stem.

Step Three: Chop or Crush

I first tried crushing the flowers with a pestle and mortar. While this was effective, it was time-consuming and required too much muscle power. I decided to chop the leaves instead, which proved much quicker but equally successful.

Preparing the Oil

Once your oregano is ready, put it into a clean glass jar and cover it with the oil of your choice, giving it a quick stir before sealing the jar.

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