How to Make Purple Dead Nettle Salve

Purple dead nettle might just kill your pain. It’s one of the most medicinal weeds around, boasting powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe arthritis flare-ups, quell joint soreness, and relieve muscle aches.

Making a medicinal salve is one of the best ways to utilize these properties. Read on to learn how to make purple dead nettle salve at home.

Materials to Make Purple Dead Nettle Salve

- Purple dead nettle - Carrier oil - Beeswax - Stove - Double-boiler setup - Storage containers - Kitchen scale

1. Harvest the Nettle

Head for the great outdoors and gather as much purple dead nettle as you want. You need at least one part of dried herbs for every five parts of carrier oil, but it isn’t imperative to harvest an exact amount as long as you harvest enough.

2. Dry Your Herbs

Fresh herbs contain water that makes salve spoil quicker, so it’s essential to dry the nettles. Lay them on paper towels or wire racks with plenty of space between them. Leave them to air-dry for three to seven days.

3. Measure Your Ingredients

Once you have the dried herbs, you can measure everything out. You’ll need a one-to-five ratio of plant parts to oil to make the oil infusion and a one-to-five ratio of beeswax to oil for the salve itself.

4. Infuse the Oil

Place your dried nettles in the bottom of a jar, then fill the jar with your carrier oil. Set it in a dark place and leave it to infuse for one to two months.

5. Strain the Oil

When the oil is infused sufficiently, it’s time to strain it. If you use whole dried herbs, you will only need a colander to strain them. If the pieces are too small, you can use a cheesecloth.

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