20 Ways to Hide Money in Your Home

I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up with many survivors of the Great Depression in my life. So, I’ve seen some pretty interesting places to hide money around a house. Unfortunately, not all of them have been the safest place.

When stashing your money, think in terms of protecting it from more than just thieves. Here are the 20 best ways and places to hide money in your home and protect your valuables from more than just criminals.

Bottom or Back of a Drawer

With today’s technology, it’s the perfect hiding spot as long as you have the protection of a waterproof and fireproof bag.

Laundry Room

Whether you tape it to the back of your washing machine, stash it underneath the dryer, or drop it in the bottom of your laundry soap container, your treasures are sure to be safe amid your smelly drawers.


Today, there are all kinds of fake and phony diversion safes that can mix right in with all your canned goods and kitchen staples. Of course, you’d need to add a layer of protection for water and fire damage.

Curtain, Closet, or Shower Rods

Whether you’re looking to hide bills or stack coins, hollow curtain rods, shower rods, and closet rods make a good option. Just make sure you mount them securely enough to bear the weight of coins you might place inside.

Buried in the Backyard

Just make sure you remember where you bury it, and make sure your next of kin knows where it is too. Might I suggest underneath the dog house for an added layer of protection?

Over the Door Jamb

Cut away a small piece of your drywall in between two studs above the head jamb on the inside of a small closet.