How to Make Mullein Tea (Step by Step Instructions)

Brewing tea is one of the best ways to enjoy medicinal mullein. This velvety plant is packed with anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting compounds, delivering a variety of health benefits in a deliciously aromatic package.

Want to try it out? Read on for a complete guide to making mullein tea at home so you can reap the rewards of this potent medicine all year long.

Source Quality Mullein

Foraging mullein is the best choice to ensure you consume leaves picked at peak freshness, free of charge. Search for it in the summer along forest edges and sunny fields.

Clean the Crop

Always clean foraged plants thoroughly, especially those you plan to consume. Trim away rotten or insect-eaten parts, and rub away dirt and debris with a damp cloth.

Dry the Mullein

You don’t have to dry the mullein, but I recommend it. Fresh mullein is covered in tiny strands of fuzz, which release into the brew and could cause mouth irritation. Drying won’t eliminate fuzz entirely but can make it less irritating.

Crumble Into Loose-Leaf

The next step is to crumble dried mullein into loose-leaf tea. Use your hands to break the leaves apart. If they are dried properly, they should crack and crumble down quite easily.

Ready Your Mug

Do you really need a strainer? In my opinion, yes. Even when dried, mullein retains some of its fluff. Enclosing it within a filter will keep the wooly strands from fuzzing up your mouth.

Boil and Steep

Put the kettle on. When the water boils, fill your mug with hot water. Cover the strainer fully and let the mullein tea steep for 10 to 15 minutes.

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