The Best Mylar Bags for Long Term Food Storage –

Complete Guide

Mylar bags are the best long-term storage method for dry foods like rice, beans, and flour. When done correctly, some foods can even last over 25 years!

If you are new to this method, here is everything you need to know about long-term food storage in Mylar bags, including step-by-step instructions for packing food in Mylar bags, shelf life, oxygen absorbers, and FAQs.

What is Mylar?

As one man aptly said in a survival forum, Mylar is

Every prepper’s favorite kind of plastic. I know I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get my wife to dress in it for years.

The trade name for Mylar is biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate. It was originally produced in the 1950s and used for insulation, solar filters, blueprints, and even kites.

Mylar Bag Food Storage Instructions

*For Mylar bags to work, most foods need to be stored with oxygen absorbers. However, some foods should not be stored with oxygen absorbers.

Step 1: Preparation

– Open Mylar bags and put each in a     bucket/container – Line up the containers – Make sure your sealer has a cord     long enough to reach the buckets

Step 2: Loading the Food

– Using a scoop or a funnel, fill up     the Mylar bags with food. You’ll     need to give the bags a good     shake to ensure the food particles     are settled (which means more     food per bag and less air).

– Fill the bags to about 4-5 inches     from the top. Make sure you don’t     overfill the bag, or it will be tough     to seal. – Label the bags and container with     the contents plus the date.