What to Do With an Old Picket Fence:

12 DIY Salvage Ideas

A windstorm recently blew over about a hundred feet of my picket fencing. While I could have taken it to the dump or paid to have it hauled off, there was so much salvageable wood that it seemed a waste to just throw it all away.

All in all, a hundred feet of fence left me with roughly 85′ of 4x4s, 200′ of 2x4s, and over 850′ of 1x6s. With a little creativity and a bit of hard work, I’ve decided to put it all to good use.

Here are some of the things I’ve been able to do so far, along with a few other ideas that I’ll work on throughout the year.


First things first! Any construction project needs a good set of sawhorses. I’ve desperately needed them for quite some time, but being frugal, I kept putting it off. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to save $75.

Raised Garden Beds

Gardening season is right around the corner, and raised garden beds are quite expensive. So I’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to build some for free. I even reused the nails from the original fencing.

Tool Racks

Commercial tool racks can be quite costly, and so can building them when you consider the price of lumber these days. However, with a reserve of free wood, you can accomplish the same task with a few 2x4s and nails.


For pollinating your garden or eating those pesky bugs, every backyard needs birds!

Wood Boxes

Wood boxes make great storage options for all the little knickknacks in your garden shed.