How to Make Purple Dead Nettle Tea

This powerful plant packs a mean antioxidant punch, with a lip-smacking dose of vitamin C and an earthy aroma you can’t help but relish.

Read on for a step-by-step guide to brewing purple dead nettle tea at home, including alternative options for those who prefer iced or loose-leaf tea.

1. Gather the Plants

Harvest purple dead nettle once the morning dew has dried. Most of the flavor lies in the fuzzy leaves, so snip each plant a few centimeters below the last leaf.

2. Trim the Leaves

Once you’ve gathered the plants, remove the leaves one by one. You can use the flowers and stems if you want, but the tiny seeds tend to get stuck in your teeth.

3. Wash the Leaves

Rinse the leaves in a bowl of water or give them a quick wash in the sink. This will remove any dirt, stray debris, or tenacious bugs. There’s no need to dry them since they’ll get wet again anyway.

4. Ready Your Mug

When making tea from fresh herbs, it’s wise to go by flavor preference rather than measuring exact amounts. Start with a small handful of leaves. You can add more if it’s not strong enough for you.

5. Boil and Steep

Fill the kettle with about eight ounces of water and put it to boil. Once it has boiled, you’ll pour it over the tea and leave it to steep for a few minutes. The longer you steep it, the greater the flavor and intensity.

6. Strain and Enjoy

Take your infuser out of the cup. If you put the leaves directly in the bottom of your cup, you can just pick them out with a spoon. Now you’re ready to drink a hot, yummy cup of goodness. Enjoy!

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