How to Shelter in Place for Nuclear or Chemical Disasters

If a chemical or nuclear disaster occurs, your safest option would likely be to shelter in place.  This means staying put until the threat passes or evacuating is safe.

To protect yourself while sheltering in place, you need to follow these steps.

1. Go inside. Bring pets if possible.

2. Shut and lock all exterior doors and windows.

– Also close fireplace and wood     stove dampers. – Tape a sign on an inside window     letting first responders know you     are inside.

3. Turn off fans, AC and furnaces.

– Shut off auto settings on furnaces     so they stay off.

4. Go to your shelter-in-place room.

– For nuclear disasters, this should     be your basement. – For chemical disasters, an above-    ground room is preferred because     some chemicals are heavier than     air and will sink. – Keep emergency supplies here.

5. Seal room.

– Tape plastic sheeting over all     windows, doors, air vents, outlets,     phone jacks, or anything else     which could allow air into the     room. – Put damp roll-up towels under     door cracks.

6. Listen to your emergency radio for further information.