How to Store Lard Long Term

Pure lard is an often overlooked alternative to the highly processed, genetically modified fats you find on your store shelves.

Despite its long controversial reputation, lard continues to be a popular cooking ingredient, especially among those well versed in the never-ending battle of good oil vs bad oil.

Long-Term Storage

The general rule of thumb is that your rendered pork fat can last about six months on the counter, a year in the fridge, and a few years in the freezer.

However, based on both anecdotal and empirical evidence, many experienced homesteaders and preppers claim it can last much longer.

I find the best way to store lard long term is by canning it in jars and storing it in a cool, dark, dry place, such as a basement or root cellar. Remember, it’s light, oxygen, and water that cause your lard to oxidate and go rancid.

The freezer is the best option for your unrendered lard until you have an opportunity to render it, but I prefer to utilize my freezer space for more precious items. So once my lard is rendered, canning is the best option.

Canning Lard

Once your lard is completely rendered, simply transfer your liquid gold to canning jars, leaving the traditional head space.

Wipe the lids clean, and seal with a proper canning lid. As the lard cools and hardens, the jars will vacuum seal themselves, leaving you with a shelf-stable product that can last indefinitely in the proper conditions.