11 Types of Survival Fire for Every Situation

Knowing how to create a fire is one of the most necessary survival skills. It will serve you well in every aspect of life, whether lighting the charcoal grill for holiday burgers and hot dogs or a life-or-death situation.

What you may not know is that not every fire is right for every circumstance. By learning the differences, you can build a fire in any situation, and you’ll never be without a flame when you need one.

This fire structure resembles a log cabin, with logs placed in a criss-cross manner. Choose this construction style if you have an ample wood supply and need a way to rest a cooking pot over your fire.

The Log Cabin

The Tepee

The tepee structure is one of the most common types of fires. It is relatively easy to put together, doesn’t require a lot of firewood, and lights quickly.

The Star

The star fire is a great option if you have a low wood supply. This small fire will provide a lower volume of heat but will burn your logs slower.

The Lean-To

This style of fire is great for windy days. It resembles a lean-to, with an angled “wall” on the leeward side of the wind.

The Upside-Down Pyramid (Top-Down Fire)

If you’re building your fire on wet or snow-covered ground, creating an upside-down pyramid or top-down fire might be helpful. This fire style burns slowly and is relatively easy to construct and light.

The Trench Fire (“T” Fire)

A trench fire is quick and easy to build and works excellently in open-field settings that might be a little breezy.