Texas Off Grid Laws  An In Depth Guide

Texas is known for being one of the best states to go off grid.  The laws are very favorable to off grid homesteads, ranches, cabins, tiny homes and trailers.

However, there are still a lot of regulations that might make it difficult for you to live off grid in Texas.

Is Off Grid Living Legal in Texas?

There are no Texas state laws that prohibit off grid living.  However, there are local laws that prohibit off grid systems.  These laws mostly have to do with zoning ordinances.

Texas Zoning Laws and Off Grid Living

States divide up their land into zones. Each type of zone has its own regulations about how the land can be used.

This is what prevents, for example, developers from building a massive office building in a suburban neighborhood. Or prevents hog farmers from moving into the city.

Agricultural Zoned Land

Land zoned for agricultural use (Ag Zoning or A-1) in Texas usually doesn’t have strict laws requiring water/electric/sewage hookups. So, you can usually go completely off grid on Ag-1 land.

Many rural parts of Texas still have absolutely no zoning ordinances. You will essentially be able to use the land however you want.

Land without Zoning in Texas

Unrestricted Use Land in Texas

Properties which are “unrestricted” still have to follow local zoning ordinances and property maintenance laws.