Best Toilet Paper Alternatives

8 Options for When Supplies Run Low

What would you use if there were no more toilet paper? Even if you stockpile toilet paper for disaster preparedness, you should still know about toilet paper alternatives.

In nature, there are many great alternatives. If you are in the wilderness or can get outside to gather natural materials, you should be fine on the TP front.


You want to choose smooth rocks for this, as jagged rocks can do some damage. You’ll need to use multiple rocks to clean yourself. Ideally, the rocks are fairly large, as small rocks can result in poo getting on your hands.


Moss is great as a toilet paper alternative because it is soft and absorbent. The downside is that moss often leaves some mossy residue. There could also be small bugs hiding in the moss.


Choose a thick stick without any knots. If you have time to prepare, you can shave the bark off several thick sticks (another reason to bring a survival knife). When shaved smooth, the sticks work really well.

Green Leaves

Leaves are the obvious choice for wiping in the woods. However, leaves are not the slightest bit absorbent. If you aren’t careful, you can end up with feces all over your hands. Try to use large leaves, one or two at a time, until clean.


Referred to as “aqua wiping” by hikers, this method involves dipping your butt in water after going to the bathroom. You should NEVER wipe yourself this way in normal times. You could end up contaminating a body of water and spread disease.

However, in dire circumstances, it is an effective solution. The only issue is that you will (literally) freeze your butt off in cold weather and risk getting your clothes wet too.