18 Ferocious Fighting Stick and Staff Weapons

For such a simple weapon, humans have found a staggering amount of ways to specialize something that basically amounts to a whompin’ stick.

We’ve put a list of them together for your perusal, some familiar and some not.


Clubs are used in one hand and can be composed of wood, metal, or anything else you scavenge. Don’t look for much artistry when using a club, just get to whompin’.


A little more advanced than a club but not quite a shillelagh, a cudgel has a heavier end for striking. That extra weight adds to the strength of its strike and makes it a slightly more refined tool than your common club.


What makes a shillelagh a shillelagh is the large knob that serves as its striking end, its black color (achieved from dying, burying under cattle dung, or simply painting), and its double-use as a walking stick.


Batter up! The baseball bat has transitioned from America’s favorite past-time to a worldwide self-defense tool, and no wonder! It’s literally designed to crack into its target repeatedly without wear and tear.


These weapons are often wielded as a pair and are as effective offensively as they are defensively. Metal versions exist and are deadly weapons in even untrained hands.

Bo Staff

The flexible, rattan-based bo staff we’re familiar from martial arts expositions is not a combat-ready weapon and will shatter after little use, but the hardwood bo staff is a dangerous fighting stick.

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