14 Ways To Find and Collect Water in the Wilderness

What if you were to find yourself stranded somewhere without an obvious water source — What would you do?

Don’t worry – there is plenty of water around you. Even in desert survival situations, there is still lots of water available. It is all about knowing how to find and access it. Here are some great hacks for doing just that.

Solar Still

Solar stills, also known as “condensation traps,” have been used in the Andes Mountains since before the Incans. It is a very cheap and straightforward distillation system.

Rainwater Collection

The simplest way to collect rainwater is to utilize your roof. You just put a bucket under your gutters. You can then treat the water and use it.

Using a Tarp to Collect Rainwater

A tarp has many survival uses, including collecting large amounts of water, even during short rains. In the images, you can see how people in Sudan and India use tarps to collect rainwater.

Transpiration Method of Harvesting Water

Transpiration is the process during which plants absorb water through their roots and evaporate it through their leaves into the air. The moisture can be collected and used for drinking water.

Dew Collection

An easy way to collect the dew is to tie a cloth around your ankles and walk through dew-filled growth. The dew will absorb into the cloth; then, you can wring out the cloth into your water bottle.

Follow Ants

You will notice that the train of ants goes to a crotch in the tree trunk. Climb up there and put a straw inside (or dip a piece of cloth). You will find water!

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