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Doomsday Gear which Could Save You from a Zombie Apocalypse

Now, I don’t believe that a Voodoo spell is going to reanimate corpses and create a new species of the undead. But, could a viral outbreak cause us to lose our minds and turn into zombies?

If you’re familiar with rabies (or any of the many other neurotronic viruses), then you’ll know that a zombie apocalypse could actually happen – which is why everyone should be prepared with this zombie apocalypse gear.


Respirator and Goggles

In Hollywood movies, the zombie disease spreads through biting. But there are a lot more ways that a zombie disease could be spread.

You better be ready with a respirator so you don’t breathe in airborne viruses. And get yourself a pair of goggles while you are at it to prevent infection in case any zombie guts splatter into your eyes.

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Water Purifier

What if the zombie disease was spread through water? A standard household water filter isn’t going to do jack. A camping water filter would get out bacteria and protozoa, but most water filters can’t get viruses out of water.

What you need to survive the zombie apocalypse is a water purifier. Confused about water treatment? Read this post about the different water treatment systems.


Biohazard Bags

Once all the zombies have been slain, how do you plan on cleaning up and making the world a safe place to live in again?

Biohazard bags are an important part of keeping contagious materials contained.

They are different than trash bags because they have a high-density line which prevents viruses and other pathogens from leaking out.

You can never have too many biohazard bags when the zombie apocalypse comes!


Kevlar Gloves

When fighting off zombies, the most likely place to get injured is your hands.

To protect your hands (and make sure no infectious zombie juice gets into the wounds), get yourself a pair of Kevlar gloves. Plus, they will allow you to deliver a really powerful punch.


Night Vision Goggles

Do you think that the zombies are going to take a break just because it is nighttime? To make sure you can see the zombies coming 24/7, add a pair of night vision goggles to your zombie apocalypse gear.


Leatherman MUT EOD Multi-Tool

Leatherman makes a lot of cool multi-tools, but their MUT EOD takes the prize for zombie apocalypse gear.

It has 15 useful tools in it, like a combo knife, saw, hammer, and wire cutters. It also has adaptors for cleaning the gun you will inevitably need after Z Day.


Self-Defense Tactical Flashlight

When SHTF on Z Day, it isn’t just the zombies that you will have to worry about. The un-infected masses will likely turn on each other as they battle for supplies, food, water, and shelter. A flashlight is one of the most important pieces of survival gear you need for any disaster, but take it one step further by getting a self-defense tactical flashlight. Get one with a built-in stun gun and you will be ready for any enemy – dead or alive.



What good is all that zombie apocalypse gear if you can’t carry it around with you? Get yourself a good tactical backpack.

Make sure it is waterproof, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. For bonus points, find a backpack which has lots of exterior pockets and clips so you can easily access your gear when zombies attack.

Choose the best survival backpack 


Axe Harness

An axe is considered one of the best zombie-killing weapons. And it will also let you chop wood needed to make a fire or survival shelter. But an axe is useless during the zombie apocalypse if you cannot access it quickly.   Get yourself an axe and harness sling from Best Made Company and you will be ready for action.

zombie axe


Dead On Annihilator Superhammer

This multi-tool advertises itself as the “perfect” tool for zombie apocalypse. Considering that the beastly-looking tool consists of a hammer, axe, nail puller, wrench, chisel, and can open your beer, it is certainly going in with my zombie apocalypse gear.


Titan Jacket by Fox

If zombies can’t get to your brains, they will bite at your skin. How are you going to keep yourself from getting bitten and infected?

Regular body armor worn by riot police is too heavy, but the Titan Jacket by Fox is the perfect solution.

It is made out of heavy-duty anatomic plates which cover key contact areas. The design means you can still move comfortably in the armor, and zip it on and off quickly. Plus, you will look pretty badass wearing it.

titan jacket


Paracord Bracelet

Paracord is one of the most important pieces of gear for any survival situation (not just the zombie apocalypse).

There are many uses for paracord — use it to tie up infected people while searching for a cure, making a survival shelter, making a tourniquet, and much more.

If you don’t feel like carrying around a loop of paracord, you can get yourself a paracord bracelet. Not only will you be ready, but you’ll make a fashion statement about preparedness.


Meals Ready to Eat (MREs)

Just because the zombie apocalypse is here, it doesn’t mean you can ignore everyday tasks like eating.

You will likely be on the run, so all that food you’ve got stockpiled in your home will be useless. You could break into homes to loot them, but the supply of food will likely run out.

The best solution is to keep a supply of MREs in your survival bag. Meals Ready to Eat are lightweight, dense, and high in calories.

While they aren’t exactly the tastiest of meals, they are definitely better than eating brains like a zombie.


A Deck of Cards

When the world has gone crazy, you will need something to help you stay sane. Put a deck of playing cards in with your zombie apocalypse gear. It will keep your mind off of brain and guts until the next zombie attack occurs.

What is your favorite piece of survival gear?

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