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How to Assess Your Risks

Prepare efficiently by focusing on your most likely disasters.

piles of grains and rice

Survival Food

Master your Food Stockpile

Setting up a long-term food supply is one of the core elements of being prepared.

water tank

Survival Water

Water Treatment – Deep Dive

Find, store and treat your water for the long term.

Level Up Your Prepping Skills

Lean to shelter

Bugging Out

Shelter in Place or Evacuate?

It is imperative to make a decisive and swift decision during a disaster.

Selection of survival gear

Survival Gear

In-Depth Gear Reviews

The best survival gear depends on the situation – we break it down for you.

first aid kit

First Aid & Medical

First Aid and Natural Health

From beginner to advanced first aid skills, natural remedies, and wilderness medicine.

campfire in forest


Fire Starting Tactics and Tools

Fire is what made us human, and it is crucial for survival in the wilderness.

Woman using pepper spray for self defence.

Self Defense

Defend Yourself

Defending your family, property and stockpile will be paramount in any survival situation.

outdoor latrine


Simple Emergency Hygiene

Emergency hygiene goes beyond just stockpiling lots of toilet paper!

Learn To Thrive

Homestead in USA

Off Grid

Ready To Go Off Grid?

This section looks at the steps you need to take and the challenges you will face.

texas homestead


Research, Planning and Laws

Homesteading can be daunting, especially for beginners. We’ll help you to navigate those complexities.

man batoning stick outdoors


Learn the Skills To Thrive

Learn to live simply yet comfortably in nature with bushcraft skills.