About Us

Older man on camp site

Camping with my dad in the Bob Marshall wilderness area of Montana

Hi,I’m Jacob, the founder of Primal Survivor.

I am happily married to a wonderful woman, have a daughter in elementary school, and am currently living in my dream home in Montana.

My love of bush craft started as a kid when I’d go camping with my dad. He is the one who taught me the importance of self-reliance and instilled that belief system into me. We still go camping together today.

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to learn from some great people and it is now my privilege to try and pass on that knowledge as best I can.

Why I Started Primal Survivor

I started Primal Survivor back in 2015 after going camping with several of my neighbors. None of them knew how to make a shelter and one didn’t even know how to build a fire.

Jacob Hunter at camp site

Me on another camping trip.

Yet, they were all eager to learn and only lacking someone to guide them.

Now, I don’t consider myself a “survival expert” by any standards. I’m just an ordinary guy who loves camping, hunting, and getting hands-on with nature. But, after that trip with my neighbors, I realized how much I’d taken my survival skills for granted.

These survival skills are my insurance in uncertain times.

They are what make me feel confident that I could keep my family safe should anything happen.

I have been amazed by the response Primal Survivor has gotten.

We’ve gone from being a small group of like-minded individuals to a huge community where people of all walks of life can go to get information, share tips, and get support.

I truly believe that we grow stronger by sharing our knowledge and learning from each other.

On a personal level, working on Primal Survivor has pushed me to expand my knowledge, try new things, and think outside of the box.

I am so grateful to the community for that!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will find this website useful.

Where To Find Us

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