The Primal Survivor Mission

Our mission is simple - we want to be the most comprehensive and supportive Survival and Prepping website around.

We are proud of the 100% original content that we produce. All our posts aim to share practical and actionable tips that will provide you with the skills and knowledge to get you through any disaster situation.

We don't believe in sensationalism or predictions of the worlds imminent demise, we prefer to offer our readers practical and sensible advice to allow them to become more self sufficient and independent in their daily lives.

We want to support preppers of all levels offering guidance to newbies who may be feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, to more seasoned preppers who are looking for detailed information to take their own preps to the next level.

Meet the Team

Paul Simpson, Chief Editor

Paul works with our team of writers to bring you thoroughly researched articles covering all topics of Survival, Prepping and Self Sufficiency.

Nicola Simpson, Social & Community Manager

Nicola’s role is to spread the word of Primal Survivor to as many people as possible. She runs our lively Facebook Group and regularly updates our Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Jacob Hunter, Founder of Primal Survivor

Jacob set up his blog back in 2015 to share his own experiences with like-minded individuals, to help them practice their own survival skills and think about how to prepare for a disaster situation.

The response to the blog has been amazing. We’ve gone from being a small group of like-minded individuals to a huge community where people from all walks of life come to get information, share tips, and get support.

We truly believe that we grow stronger by sharing our knowledge and learning from each other.

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Thank you for visiting and we hope you will find this website useful.

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