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Matt Suwak

Matt spent his youngest years in forest and field, so it’s no wonder he spends most of his adult life in the same locales.

An upbringing in rural Pennsylvania permanently affixed him to the outdoors. His adolescent hobbies included bushcraft, extensive hiking trips, wild foraging, and wearing his way through tools to find out what worked and what didn’t. These activities carried over into his adult life and have compounded into a wide breadth of extensive knowledge on the outdoors.

Every outdoor activity he devotes himself to is reinforced with an unabashed love and affection for the natural world. This is expressed most clearly in his expertise in the realms of gardening and foraging. He has worked professionally in the horticultural industry for ten years and devotes much of his free time to the same gardening activities.

Matt has a good background in self-defense. He fought competitively in various full-contact sports but always favored the real-world carryover of these techniques and the mental fortitude behind them. His experience ranges from unarmed self-defense to a fluency with various self-defense weapons.

Matt lives outside of Philadelphia and works as a gardener, naturalist, and writer. He is fueled almost entirely by beer and hot sauce.