Plan, Buy, Stockpile and Store

Knowing what to stockpile and where to store your food is vital. Here, we dive deep into the various options and the mistakes you need to look out for.

Use the food calculator to get an idea of the amount of calories you will need for your family.

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Plan Your Emergency Food Stockpile

Start with a short-term food storage plan and then tackle longer-term options.


These digital products designed and created by our experts will help you get prepped quickly and efficiently.

Food Inventory Planner

Plan your family's food needs with our easy-to-use calculators, a comprehensive workbook, and professional inventory spreadsheets.

Food Storage – Staples

Detailed information on how to store 30+ staples without them spoiling.

Cheat Sheets - Wilderness

Printable cheat sheets for navigating evacuations and surviving outdoors with confidence.