How confident are you about preparedness?

At Primal Survivor, we’ve made it our mission to research and think through disaster scenarios and put our knowledge to the test.

We then pass this information on to you so you can take smart steps towards disaster survival.

Our products include:

Emergency BinderBook Bundle | Checklists | All Access Pass | Individual Books

Prepper eBook Bundle 1

Our PDF book bundles include full-color, in-depth guides with plenty of photos.

By the time you finish a book, you will know how to handle survival situations like bugging out or starting a 30 day food stockpile.

Topics covered:

  • Getting started
  • Bug out plan and bags
  • 30 day emergency food stockpile
  • Long term food storage
  • Water storage and treatment

  • Survival gear
  • Urban survival
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Off-grid living
  • And more!

All Books Available Now For $37

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Prepper eBook Bundle 2

ebook bundle product shot
Our PDF book bundles include full-color, in-depth guides with plenty of photos.

Topics covered:

  • How to Survive in the Wilderness
  • Essential First Aid for Bleeding
  • How to Survive a Hurricane and Flooding

  • Emergency Toilet and Sanitation Preparedness
  • DIY Survival Food and Freeze Drying
  • DIY Food Preservation

All Books Available Now For $37

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Do you have all of the supplies you need? Do you know what steps to follow during a disaster?

If you have any doubt, then you need our checklists bundle. These emergency checklists ensure that you:

  • Stay organized
  • Get the right gear
  • Don’t forget supplies
  • Have a clear plan

Each checklist covers a specific issue, such as first aid items or bug out bags.
This allows you to focus on one aspect of prepping at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.
Just complete the checklists and you’ll be ready!

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Best Value – All Access Pass

Our All Access Pass provides you with eBooks, checklists and action steps so you can get prepared quickly, completely, and without headaches.

Binder product shot

What’s Included?

The All Access Pass includes our full eBooks library (15 Titles), checklists and the Emergency Binder.

The information is presented in a way which is easy to understand and implement in your everyday life.

  • The Complete Preparedness Library
  • Emergency Binder Template
  • Supplies Lists
  • Emergency Instructions Checklists
You can get access to all of these resources for just $84.

Get Started Today

Get Started Today

Not ready for the entire pass? You can purchase products individually.

Individual eBooks

Need help with a specific aspect of disaster prepping?

Our eBook library has titles that cover important aspects of prepping. These eBooks are suitable for beginner and advanced preppers alike.

All eBooks are in PDF format, full-color with images, and print ready. Buy individual titles and download instantly.

How to go From Zero to Prepped in 7 Days

Start your Prepping journey the right way. This book will give you a solid foundation in the 7 core areas of survival.

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The Ultimate Guide to Bug Out Bags and Bugging Out

Choose the right Bug Out location and build the best Bug Out Bag for your situation.

Available Now For $7

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How to Build Your 30 Day Emergency Food Supply

Build a 30 day long term emergency food supply you can rely on.

Available Now For $7

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The Ultimate Guide To Treating Water

Ensure you’ll have safe, potable water to drink during emergencies.

Available Now For $7

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Guide To Survival Gear

To ensure you are adequately prepared for all survival situations, there is certain gear you will need. Here we will go over the most essential.

Available Now For $7

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5 Point Urban Survival Guide

Cities are considered the worst place to be during a disaster. It isn’t the city itself which is dangerous. It is the fact that most people who live in cities are unprepared.

Available Now For $7

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Free Water From The Sky: Rainwater Harvesting Guide

Here we will introduce you to the fundamentals of rainwater harvesting and explain how to set up a simple DIY rainwater harvesting system using barrels.

Available Now For $7

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Make Your Emergency Water Plan

All information you need to make an emergency water plan for your family. You will always have clean water available in a disaster situation.

Available Now For $7

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Going Off Grid And Becoming Self Reliant

Learning your options and envisioning the possibilities is the first step towards achieving the self-reliance that you dream of.

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hurricane book cover

Surviving Hurricanes and Flooding

Learn how to take how to prep before before any hurricane watches or warnings occur.

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Bleeding ebook cover

Essential First Aid for Bleeding

This guide goes over the steps you need to take to stop bleeding and bandage wounds, both when emergency assistance is available and SHTF situations where help might not be available.

Available Now For $7

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Freeze |dried food ebook cover

DIY Survival Food and Freeze Drying

Whether you’ve already invested in a freezer dryer or still aren’t sure if it is right for you, this guide is meant to help you make sense of everything that’s possible with freeze drying

Available Now For $7

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Wilderness survival ebook cover

How to Survive in the Wilderness

This guide will give you the essential information you need to survive in the wilderness. It covers the basics, and provides a starting off point for more advanced skills.

Available Now For $7

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food preservation ebook cover

Food Preservation – How to Get Started

This guide will introduce you to the main food preservation methods, their pros/cons for disaster preparedness, and give you instructions for getting started.

Available Now For $7

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Emergency Hygiene ebook cover

Emergency Toilet and Sanitation Preparedness

Toilet talk is still taboo in our culture which, unfortunately, means that many people are overlooking this essential part of disaster preparation. In an effort to do our own part to break this toilet-talk taboo and help people prepare, here’s what you need to know

Available Now For $7

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Who Are We?

Primal Survivor is a small team of strong-minded people who’ve made it their mission to think about disaster preparedness scenarios.

We believe that preparedness is about having necessary supplies, know-how, an emergency plan, and the mental preparedness to make smart decisions in tough situations.

Unlike many other survival resources, we don’t believe in sensationalism. All of our content is created for real people who want to get prepared, but without it taking over their lives.

With us, there’s no hype. No fear-mongering. No doomsday craziness. Just useful information and practical steps you can take to be prepared for any disaster.


What do members think about the All Access Pass?

“Everything you need to get started”

It has a LOT of information laid out in an easy to read format with links to even more information. It covers most everything from A to Z in regards to being prepared for a worst-case scenario.
— Melissa Glorioso

rob casey

“I love this course!”

This is a solid, comprehensive course for the beginner prepper. Beginners can walk through step-by-step at their own pace learning what’s important and how to incrementally take the necessary steps to Prep successfully.
— Rob Casey

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This one-time purchase gets you access to all of our survival content, including the Library, Checklists, Video Vault, and Zero to Prepped Course plus all future content!
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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll love our resources. However, if you’re not happy for any reason, we’ll give you your money back – no questions asked.


Who is this for?

The All Access Pass is designed for beginner preppers. If you are overwhelmed by all the information out there and not sure where to start, then this Pass is for you.

However, we do cover some advanced concepts in our eBook library. If you are already an experienced prepper and only need to improve on a specific area, you can purchase eBooks individually.

Do I get access to new books?

We are regularly added new titles to the survival library. If you have purchased the All Access Pass, then you will get lifetime access to the library, including all new eBooks.

If you purchased the eBook bundle, you will not get access to future eBooks. You only get the ones included in the bundle when you purchased it.

Why buy this?

We worked really hard to create a resource center which will be useful for beginner preppers. So far, the response from members has been great. If you don’t like it for whatever reason, we’ll refund your money.