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I’m a 4th generation Native Texan raised in the deep woods of Central Texas. Growing up in a world before Internet, I was always an avid outdoorsman, explorer, and adventurer. I spent a great many summers bushcrafting long before I ever knew bushcrafting was a thing.  

I have a robust family history dating back to the late 1800s that’s always left a huge impact on my life. Listening to my great-grandparents tell tales of traversing the country in covered wagons to the misfortunes of my grandparents during the Great Depression, their first-hand experiences left a lasting impression.

It taught me the value of freedom at a very early age. Most people believe their freedom can be found through wealth. However, like those before me, I believe freedom comes through self-reliance. The less beholden we are to others, the more freedom we truly have. 

So while I’m still an outdoor junkie, I’ve spent a good part of my life learning the forgotten skills of yesteryear. My focus has been growing and preserving food, water purification, colonial cooking, and natural medicine. 

I hope to continue learning more with each passing day, and to pass these skills on to my own children so they too can enjoy the freedom that comes with self-reliance. I’m more than happy to share them with you as well.

Of course, in my free time, I still love camping, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, and kayaking. Given the opportunity, I’d trade my laptop for a tent any day of the week. 

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