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Lyza Hayn

Lyza is a born adventurer. She lives high in the Ozark Mountains and spends most of her time exploring the forests, creeks, and caves of this captivating region.

A writer by trade, Lyza focuses heavily on connection with the great outdoors. She strives to create a symbiotic relationship with the natural world by utilizing it in respectful, sustainable, and sometimes wild ways.

Lyza believes that you can make it work no matter where you are. She’s lived in a number of harsh environments, including the snowy Andes mountains, the stark Sahara Desert, and even in the middle of the ocean—on a sailboat, of course.

Learning to thrive in such varied terrain has helped her become a profoundly independent person, capable of creating comfort and abundance from sand and saltwater. Now that she’s nestled in the cozy peaks of northern Arkansas, Lyza is focused on forging a natural lifestyle in her forever-home.

She enjoys hunting for extraordinary mushrooms, trying out new wild-game recipes, and concocting an array of questionable teas and tinctures. Not all of her undertakings are successful, but even the failures are a good time.