Tom Lovrić Author Page

Contributing Writer – Tom Lovrić

Tom is, first and foremost, a trained survivalist. With a lifetime spent hiking and camping, as well as years of experience as a military reconnaissance scout, he’s undergone a dozen survival educations and training scenarios. There, he learned everything from building a simple shelter to starting a fire in the pouring rain.

To this day, hiking and camping remain his favorite outdoor activities, and he’s a big believer in enjoying the wilderness and spending as much time as possible out in the wild, all while keeping the environment clean.

Whether you’re out on a hike or home, though, Tom believes that you have to be prepared for whatever life can throw at you. Be it an extremely cold winter, an unexpected flash flood, or an encounter with a wild animal – knowledge is a tool, and in those situations where you have to think quickly, knowledge becomes the most useful tool in the shed.

Aside from hiking and learning how to handle hundreds of emergency scenarios, Tom spends his time watching football, reading, and writing.