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Our All Access Pass provides you with eBooks, checklists, templates, inventory sheets and automated spreadsheets, so you can get prepared quickly, completely, and without headaches.

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What’s Included?

The All Access Pass includes:

  • Emergency Binder Template
  • The Complete Preparedness eBook Library (15 eBooks)
  • Checklist Bundle (16 checklists)
  • Our brand new Food Storage eBook – Detailed information on how to store 30+ staples without them spoiling
  • Food Storage Inventory Sheets, Automated Spreadsheets and Workbook
  • Members Area with access to all download links 24\7 – Easily print off your resources or save to a USB stick for peace of mind
  • All Future Products and Updates

The information is presented in a way which is easy to understand and implement in your everyday life.

You can get access to all of these resources for just $134.

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Detailed Product Information

Emergency binder – Details

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The instant download includes:

  • Over 60 pages of printable sheets
  • Fillable PDF– just type right into the PDF and then print it
  • Master checklist so you won’t forget anything
  • Clean design and clear instructions
  • Well-organized sections so you can easily find the info you need

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Checklists – Details


The entire bundle includes 16 different checklists and worksheets to help you get prepared.

Each checklist covers a specific issue. This allows you to focus on one aspect of prepping at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Just complete the checklists and you’ll be ready.

  • Preparedness Assessment
  • First aid supplies
  • Bug out bag list
  • Contact lists

  • Important documents
  • Winter car kit
  • Emergency pet supplies
  • And more!

Book Bundle – Details

eBook covers

Our PDF book bundles include full-color, in-depth guides with plenty of photos.

By the time you finish a book, you will know how to handle survival situations like bugging out or starting a 30-day food stockpile.

Topics covered:(15 Titles in total)

  • Getting started
  • Bug out plan and bags
  • 30-day emergency food stockpile
  • Long term food storage
  • Water storage and treatment
  • How to Survive in the Wilderness
  • Essential First Aid for Bleeding
  • Hurricane and Flooding Survival

  • Survival gear
  • Urban survival
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Off-grid living
  • Emergency Toilet and Sanitation
  • DIY Survival Food
  • DIY Food Preservation

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Food Storage Inventory Sheets, Automated Spreadsheets and Workbook – Details

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Our Emergency Food Inventory Sheets, Automated Spreadsheets and Planning Binder make getting prepared simple and easy.

The workbook explains the difference between a 2-week and long-term food supply and which foods you need for each.

Inventory spreadsheets keep track of your food supply and even alert you when foods are about to expire.

You’ll get:

  • Food Planning Workbook: Covers everything you need to know about storing food for emergencies.
  • Inventory Spreadsheets: Professional spreadsheets with the info you need for creating your two-week and long-term food supply pre-entered into the tables.
  • Printable Inventory Sheets: If you don’t want to use Excel spreadsheets, you can print these and track your food storage by hand.
  • Example Inventories: Get an idea of what your food supply should look like with two sample inventories.
  • Bonus Printables: You’ll also get 5 bonus printables with important food info you might need during an emergency.

Our brand new Ebook – Emergency Food: Long Term Storage Instructions for All Your Staples – Details

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Clear Food Storage Instructions

Step-by-step instructions and clear advice for the best long-term storage methods.   
You will discover how and when to use:

  • Oxygen absorbers
  • Mylar bags
  • Mason jars
  • Desiccants
  • Vacuum sealing
  • Detailed Information on 30+ Staples

Not sure which method to use with your bulk staples?  The guide goes into detail about the best storage methods for all of the most commonly-stored staples. 

You’ll learn how to store:

  • Dry staples: Beans, flour, whole grains, crackers and more
  • Dehydrated and freeze-dried foods: Including home-dried foods
  • Fatty foods: Nuts, powdered milk, peanut butter and pet food
  • Specialty Items: Store chocolate, coffee, tea, vitamins and spices
  • Other Essentials: We didn’t forget about baking soda, yeast, salt, sugar or cooking oil

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