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You will get titles which cover all of the core disaster survival concepts and actionable steps you can take now to get prepared.

Get the entire eBook collection now.

Get the entire eBook collection now

What’s included?

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Our PDF book bundle includes 9 full-color, in-depth guides with plenty of photos.

By the time you finish a book, you will know how to handle survival situations like bugging out or starting a 30 day food stockpile.


  • Getting started
  • Bug out plan and bags
  • 30 day emergency food stockpile
  • Long term food storage
  • Water storage and treatment

  • Survival gear
  • Urban survival
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Off-grid living
  • And more!

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Print Ready

What good is an eBook when the power is down?

When you buy the book bundle, you will be able to download the titles instantly to read on your computer or tablet.

Print off a hardcopy to build your own survival library.

In the event of a disaster, you’ll have the information you need – like how much bleach to add to water for purification – at your fingertips.

Complete List of Titles

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  • Zero to Prepped in 7 Days
  • How to Build Your 30 Day Emergency Food Supply
  • Make Your Emergency Water Plan
  • Guide to Treating Water
  • The Ultimate Guide to Bug Out Bags and Bugging Out
  • The Preparedness Guide To Survival Gear
  • 5 Point Urban Survival Guide
  • Free Water From The Sky: Rainwater Harvesting Guide
  • Going Off Grid And Becoming Self Reliant
These eBooks are valued at $63. For a limited time, you can get the entire Preparedness Library for $37.

Get the entire eBook collection now

Special Offer: All Access Pass

The All Access Pass provides you with everything that is in the book bundle, plus checklists, videos, premium eBooks, and worksheets so you can get prepared quickly, completely, and without headaches.

The information is presented in a way which is easy to understand and implement in your everyday life.

  • The Complete Preparedness Library
  • Supplies Lists
  • Emergency Instructions Checklists
  • Survival Video Vault
  • Zero to Prepped Survival Course
  • Exclusive Content

Get full access now for $137

Get full access now for $137

We put a lot of work into compiling these resources for you and are confident that you’ll find it useful.

We’re so sure that we’re backing it up with a 30 day money-back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

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