Planning Your Emergency Food Supply Can Be Overwhelming!

How much food does my family need?

Which foods can be stored long-term?

Will we end up eating rice and beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner for days on end???

Don’t stress.

Our Emergency Food Planning Binder makes getting prepared simple and easy.

The simple calculators tell you how much food your family needs based on age and activity level.

The workbook explains the difference between a 2-week and long-term food supply and which foods you need for each.

Inventory spreadsheets keep track of your food supply and even alert you when foods are about to expire.

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Emergency Food Binder


What You Get

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The instant download includes:

  • Food Planning Workbook: Covers everything you need to know about storing food for emergencies.
  • Inventory Spreadsheets: You’ll get professional spreadsheets with the info you need for creating your two-week and long-term food supply pre-entered into the tables. (Requires Microsoft Excel or similar)
  • Printable Inventory Sheets: If you don’t want to use the Excel spreadsheets, you can print these and track your food storage by hand.
  • Example Inventories: Get an idea of what your food supply should look like with two sample inventories.
  • Bonus Printables: You’ll also get 5 bonus printables with important food info you might need during an emergency.

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Emergency Food Binder

An Inventory Planner Which Works for Everyone

Months of work work went into these inventory spreadsheets as we wanted to make a tool which works for anyone, regardless of dietary needs, budget or personal preferences.  The information is based on recommendations for caloric needs and nutrition.
All you need to do is enter your number of family members.  The inventory sheet does all the math for you, including calculating calorie needs and serving amounts for each food group.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll have balanced and healthy meals on hand for emergencies.

Everything You Need to Know to Successfully Plan Your Emergency Food Supply

*Note – Spreadsheets require Microsoft Excel or similar alternative.

The Workbook covers everything you need to know to plan your emergency food supply. It covers topics such as:

  • Which foods to stockpile
  • Storage methods
  • Food shelf life
  • Preventing pantry pests
  • How to use Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers
  • Emergency meal ideas

A little bit of effort goes a long way towards preparedness.

Available Now
Emergency Food Binder

Save Time and Prevent Costly Storage Mistakes

The entire binder costs just $37. We are certain that you will find the workbook and spreadsheets valuable for planning your emergency food.

The expert advice will save you time and frustration and also ensure that you don’t make mistakes which might result in food going bad.

Printable Bonuses

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As an extra bonus you’ll also get these 5 essential printables to add to your survival library.

  • 100 Non-Perishable Foods List
  • Canned Food Shelf Life Guide
  • How to Make Bread without Yeast
  • Kitchen Substitutions Cheat Sheet
  • Homemade Yeast Cheat Sheet

Video Preview

Your binder comes with everything you need to get started including an instruction video. You’ll be up to speed in no time!