Disaster Prepping

Do you know what to do if a natural disaster strikes?

Depending on where you live, you may need to start prepping for a hurricane, flooding, tornado, earthquake, or other natural disaster.  

These disaster prepper articles will tell you what supplies to stockpile, what to do during and after a natural disaster, and steps you can take now to keep your family safe.

War & Nuclear Disasters

mushroom cloud with nuclear fallout

The nuclear threat is a potent today as it was during the Cold War.  

The difference is that today we are dealing with multiple threats and also the risk of nuclear disaster from reactor breakdowns.

Find out how to protect yourself from radioactive fallout, how to make a nuclear shelter, and what to expect in the aftermath of a nuclear emergency.

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EMP Attack

Electric Storm

Electromagnetic pulse has been called the greatest threat to civilization.  

An EMP attack or even natural event such as a solar flare could take us back into the dark ages.  

EMP disaster preparedness means learning how to live off the grid and being prepared for the chaos which will ensue.

Learn more about what EMP is and how you can prepare.

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Budget Prepping

Mental Prep

Family Prepping

General Prepping