Crazy or Genius? 9 Outlandish Survival Gadgets Redefining Preparedness

Having a stash of emergency food and supplies means you are prepared, right? 

According to the makers of these products, that’s not even close. They have created some outlandish gadgets for saving your life. Decide for yourself whether they are downright crazy or absolutely genius.

Personal Firefighting System

Got a pool? Live in a wildfire area? Instead of evacuating (and you should do!), you could get one of these expensive firefighting systems from Code3 Waters to defend your home from the flames.

firefighting system

Escape Ring

I’m unsure how many people regularly get tied up with zip ties. But if you are worried about that, the “Escape Ring” by Janders has you covered. It has a tiny saw hidden inside the ring that you can use to free yourself.

Covert Coins

Shomer Tec makes this “covert coin” Pop the quarter open to reveal a circular blade that you can use to free yourself from captivity. Just make sure you don’t accidentally spend it!

Salt Lamp

This survival light uses salt for power. What do you do if you don’t have salt or seawater? Go ahead and pee on it instead!  

Lokmate Deadbolt Guard

Hate going to hotels or other places with insecure locks? The Lokmate has you covered. The portable deadbolt guard snaps onto the door and protects against illegal entry with bump keys or lock picking.

Portable Water Power

You’ve got a solar panel to capture energy from the sun. Next up? Your own portable water power generator. Just put the Estream into moving water, creating energy that can go into any USB device.

estream portable water generator

Exceptionally Bright Flashlight

It costs hundreds of dollars, but the Timeback survival flashlight by Mankerlight gets up to 2,500 lumens of brightness. Put it in Strobe mode to temporarily blind an assailant.

Need something even brighter? The same company has a Satellite flashlight that gets up to 41,500 lumens and can be seen from nearly 4,000 feet.


Don’t lug heavy sandbags to protect your home from flooding. Fill the HydraBarrier bags with water instead. They can be connected to create a perimeter barrier around your home or block doorways.

Remote Controlled Life Buoy

Let’s be honest: How quickly could you swim out to a drowning person to save their life? And would you be able to throw a buoy far enough to reach them? The remote-controlled life buoy by U SAFE solves this. Just put the buoy in water and navigate it right to the victim.

usafe buoy

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