Water Bath Canning Instructions & Safety Tips

water bath canning instructions

As a way of preserving food, water bath canning has been around for centuries.  It was originally used to preserve food for the military. Soldiers then got used to eating canned food and started eating it when they returned home too. At various points in history (such as during WWII), the government even encouraged people … Read more

How and When to Use a Tourniquet

We’ve all seen the movies where a wounded hero rips a piece of his t-shirt and ties it around a limb to use as a tourniquet.  In real life, using a tourniquet this way would almost certainly result in failure and death.  You need a wide tourniquet applied very tightly to stop limb bleeding.

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Expert-Level Food Dehydrating: Tips and Hacks for Drying All Types of Food

dehydrated vegetables

I spend a lot of time backpacking and camping with my kids.  If it weren’t for my dehydrator, this wouldn’t be possible.  I simply wouldn’t be able to carry all the food. Dehydrating means I can make my own just-add-water meals which are lightweight yet still tasty and nutritious. My dehydrator also means I save … Read more

The 10 Best Survival Shovels (And Our Readers Favorite!)

best survival shovels

We don’t think about it much, but shovels are a big part of our survival.  Without shovels, agriculture wouldn’t have been possible. Shovels were crucial for building homesteads and cities, and entrenching tools played a big part in warfare.

Use Our Guide to Choose the Best Survival Tent

best survival tents

One of our most basic survival needs is shelter. While there are plenty of ways to make your own survival shelter, the reality is that most of us would be a lot better off keeping a tent with our survival supplies.