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EDC kit examples

7 Real-Life Examples of EDC Kits

A major disaster strikes while you are coming home from the store. You can’t go home, the world is in turmoil, and you have to survive with just what you happen to have on you…

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prepper online security

What Preppers Need to Know about Online Security

I know that online security doesn’t have anything directly to do with disaster preparedness or survival.  However, I believe that prepping should mean taking steps to improve your security in all aspects of life – from preparing yourself for a wide-scale disaster like EMP to personal disasters like home invasions.  Because the internet is such […]

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gun alternatives

Best Gun Alternatives for Urban Survival

As a member of the prepper and survivalist community, I know how popular guns are and how important they are as part of your survival plan.  Many people are taking the step of stockpiling guns and ammo for when SHTF…

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edc tools

12 Awesome EDC Tools for Urban Survival

If you are going into the wilderness, you need gear like rope, a fire starter and a tarp.  This gear is useful for urban survival too.  However, the environment is really different in cities.  You can probably find or scavenge everything you need for survival.  There is one catch though: you’ll need to be able […]

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How to Start a Fire with a Lemon, Potato, or Other Produce

There has been a viral video floating around which shows how to start a fire with a lemon.  Because fire is one of the fundamental pillars of survival, this is a great trick to learn.  However, I want to point out that survival hacks are pointless if you don’t learn the science behind them.

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