Best Bushcraft Stores and Outfitters in the USA and Canada

Let’s be clear: bushcraft is a set of skills for surviving in the wilderness. Bushcraft is NOT about fancy survival gear. You can’t buy skills in a bushcraft store!

However, there is no doubt that bushcraft utilizes various tools to make the skills happen.

  1. Building a survival shelter is much easier when you have an ax to cut branches.
  2. You need a good knife to baton wood.
  3. And making a fire is tough if you don’t have at least a flint…

So, I’ve decided to share some of the best bushcraft stores in the USA and Canada.

USA Bushcraft Stores

Bens Backwoods

bens backwoods bushcraft store

I love this bushcraft store because 1) they are based out of Michigan, 2) they are family-operated, and 3) they have a vast selection of products made in the USA.

Their bushcraft gear includes knives, axes, sheaths, saws, shovels, fire gear, stoves, billy pots, first aid, tarps, compasses, hammocks, and much more!

Imminent Threat Solutions

imminent threat solutions bushcraft store

ITS is a large online store for tactical and outdoor gear, and they’ve got an entire category for bushcraft gear where you’ll find daggers, navigation tools, paracord, and mini survival kits.

They work hard to ensure all products they carry are made in the USA, including nylon gear sewn in the USA and not in China, as you’d find in other bushcraft stores.

Imminent Threat Solutions

Knife Country USA

knife country usa bushcraft store

Knife Country USA is more than just knives. They’ve got survival kits, arrowheads, backpacks, batons, emergency whistles, flags, and tons of other cool gear for wilderness survival.

You’ll love this bushcraft store because of its large selection (heaven for knife lovers!) and because it is family-owned, based in the USA, and employs veterans.

Self Reliance Outfitters

self reliance outfitters bushcraft store

Maybe you’ve heard of Dave Canterbury of the show “Pathfinder Outdoor Journals” on the HUNT channel or seen him on “Dirty Rotten Survival” on the National Geographic Channel. Well, Self Reliance Outfitters was founded by Dave.

Dave and the instructors of The Pathfinder School inspect all items in this outdoor and bushcraft store. You can count on the fact that every item will be of good quality.

As far as I can tell, all items are made in the USA (but check the product description to be sure).

Hedgehog Leatherworks

Hedgehog Leatherworks bushcraft store

These handmade leather sheaths will make you drool! They are handmade with superior craftsmanship and designed to fit specific knives.

Yes, these leather sheaths are a bit pricy. But, if you can afford it, you’ll want to treat yourself. Their products have a 25-year warranty, so you know it will last.

USA Made Blade

usa made blade bushcraft store

Want to shop without worrying that your knives were made in China? You will find only quality knives made in America at USA Made Blade.

They’ve got a huge selection of knives, including Brous Blades, Ka-Bar, Justifier Knives, Spyderco Knives, Steve Miller Knives, and dozens more. You can visit their physical store in Salisbury, NC.

Canadian Bushcraft Stores

Great Adventure

great adventures bushcraft store

If you are looking for quality, cheap bushcraft gear, then Great Adventure is the place. You can find lots of knives, hammocks, clothing, and more for low prices.

I love that they offer used military items, which are especially great for the budget survivalist.

They also have higher-end items, so don’t think it is all cheap gear!

Canadian Outdoor Equipment

canadian outdoor equipment bushcraft store

This bushcraft store has a range of outdoor gear, from biodegradable soaps to Brux axes. They have one of the best selections of quality brands I’ve seen, and you’ll like that they are one-stop shopping for pretty much everything.

I also love that they’ve got a good selection of cheap and pricier bushcraft gear, so you’ll find something regardless of your budget. They ship worldwide.

Warriors and Wonders

warriors and wonders bushcraft store

Holy crap, these are nice knives!!! Warriors and Wonders focus on extremely high-quality, USA or Canadian-made knives and swords (don’t look for daggers, butterfly knives, brass knuckles, push daggers, or switchblades, though – these are illegal in Canada!).

They’ve got a storefront in Vancouver but will also ship to Canada and the USA.

Gorilla Surplus

gorilla surplus bushcraft store

Gorilla Surplus has been in business for over 50 years. They are based in Vancouver and have an online store that ships throughout Canada and the USA.

As the name implies, you’ll find lots of army surplus gear here – including German military surplus from WWII. There are also new items for sale, like work wear, rain gear, guns, wilderness supplies, and bushcraft gear and knives.

S&R Knives

s and r knives bushcraft store

I get excited just reading through the category list on this website because they have so many specific types of knives – from throwing knives to neck-carry knives.

Additionally, they have some tactical and self-defense items like dog/bear spray, tactical pens, outdoor lighters, and paracord bracelets.

What’s your favorite bushcraft store?

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  1. Really can’t go wrong with Self Reliance Outfitters & Dave Canterbury. Such a wide selection and very reasonable prices.

  2. The Canteen Shop in Greenville changed its name to Lost Wild Outdoors. I really like their shop and products.

  3. Do you have any association with BCUSA Store. I tried to purchase a royal blue lambskin on that site and I couldn’t navigate the site and it was unable to accept any of my credit cards. Thank you.


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