Fire Starting

Lear how to start a fire for warmth, comfort and cooking.

Vikings Used a Gross Survival Firestarter. Here’s How to Make It
Did you ever wonder how people started fires before matches?  Some would use friction-based fire starting methods.  But if you’ve[...]
How to Start a Fire with a Lemon, Potato, or Other Produce
There has been a viral video floating around which shows how to start a fire with a lemon.  Because fire[...]
Experts Tips for Using a Ferro Rod Fire Starter
Fire is essential to survival.  You need it for warmth, to cook food, and to boil water for purification.  So,[...]
The 6 Best Ways to Start a Fire without Matches
First off, I want to point out that you should probably never find yourself in this situation.  Matches (or a[...]

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