Natural Remedies

Learn how to treat common ailments with plants, herbs and store cupboard ingredients.

Natural Homemade Pain Killers
People don’t fear death. They fear the pain that comes with death. For me personally, one of my biggest fears[...]
Antibacterial Medicinal Plants for Treating Wounds Naturally
Consider this: Approximately 92% of the top-prescribed medicines come from plants or fungi.1  A huge amount of medications are plant-based[...]
Homemade Natural Remedies for Tackling Diarrhea
Natural diarrhea remedies aren’t something that gets talked about much.  I guess people just don’t like talking about bathroom issues.[...]
Wild Lettuce: The Natural Pain Killer
It is sad how much knowledge we have lost over the years.  In addition to traditional skills like gardening, food[...]
Top Medicinal Plants for Survival Situations
In a disaster scenario which leads to economic collapse, medicines are going to be one of the most in-demand barter[...]

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