The Best Window Security Bars (aka Burglar Bars)

We all want to feel safe in our own homes, and we also want to protect our stockpiled reserves and equipment.

Window security bars can increase your home security, providing a visual and physical deterrent to anyone who is even thinking about breaking into your home.

Constructed out of steel or iron, they can withstand extreme pressure, making it almost impossible for anyone to force their way in without drawing attention to themselves.

Statistics indicate that around 23% of burglars use a first-floor window to access a property and 30% gain access through an open or unlocked door or window. Installing window security bars or burglar bars can significantly reduce the risk of burglary almost as much as reinforcing your front door.

Window security bars protect your home against intruders and safeguard your home’s inhabitants. They reduce the risk of accidents by making it impossible for children to fall out of the window and for pets to use it as an escape route.

Finding the best window security bars and installing them correctly will give you peace of mind and reduce the risk of intrusion.

The Pros and Cons of Three Types of Window Security Bar

In this article, we’ll look at the three main types of window security bars – permanent, hinged, and removable – and compare their effectiveness and suitability.


Permanent burglar bars provide robust protection but are banned in some states because they can trap people inside the house as effectively as they keep intruders out.

This is a safety hazard, preventing the inhabitants from escaping a fire or similar emergency.

Permanent burglar bars offer a visual deterrent and a physical one, but that means they will also obstruct your view through the window to a certain degree.


Hinged window security guards are similar to permanent ones but can be easily opened in an emergency. Both these styles provide a visual and physical deterrent to potential intruders, prevent pets from escaping, and eliminate the risk of accidental falls.


Removable window security bars are the least conspicuous and the easiest to install. They won’t provide the visual deterrent of a permanent window guard, but they will enable you to lock your windows even when they’re partly open. On the downside, they won’t prevent accidental falls.

To make this resource as informative as possible, we tracked down the best of each different type of security bar. Our criteria included ease of installation, material, cost, and legal compliance.

Our Top Picks of the Best Window Security Bars

Top Pick – Fixed
Segal Fixed Window Guard Segal Fixed Window Guard

Made of carbon steel tubing, this permanent and durable window security guard comes with all the necessary mounting brackets and tamper-proof screws.

Top Pick – Removable
Ideal Security Window Security Bar Ideal Security Window Security Bar

Fully adjustable, affordable, and easy to install, the Ideal window security bar provides a visual and practical deterrent.

Top Pick – Hinged
Defender Security Hinged Window Grill Defender Security Hinged Window Grill

As durable as the fixed window guard, this model meets most states’ health and safety building codes. It provides robust protection and has a quick-release feature in case of emergency.

Reviews of the Top Five Window Security Bars

Ideal Security Window Security Bar

This window security bar’s simple design makes it suitable for use on almost any sliding door or window. These fully adjustable security bars come in three sizes and can fit almost any window without cutting.

It provides protection even when the window is open and can be mounted at any height, so you install it out of reach of children.

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Unlike a pressure-mounted bar that can be shaken out of position, the saddles or mounting mechanisms holding these bars in place can be screwed into the window frame for extra security. Alternatively, you can mount it using the strong, double-sided tape provided.

Simple to install and operate, the Ideal security window bar has a childproof anti-lift lock that keeps the bar in place, keeping your children inside and potential intruders out.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install


  • It doesn’t fit all windows
  • Can be shaken loose if not installed correctly

#2 Defender Security Hinged Window Guard

Designed to stop small children from falling out of first or second-story windows, this carbon-steel window guard will also prevent anyone from climbing in.

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The quick-release feature means you can quickly open the guard and escape through the window should there be a fire or similar emergency. When installed correctly, this window guard offers a high level of security thanks to the tamper-resistant installation screws.

It can be adjusted horizontally to fit any window between 22″ and 38″ wide, standing just over 21″ tall.

Intended for use in bedrooms and other rooms where emergency access is required by law, these window guards meet the housing codes in most states.


  • Robust, carbon steel construction
  • Quick escape possible in an emergency


  • Difficult to install
  • Screws provided are poor quality and easily stripped during installation

#3 Segal Fixed Adjustable 

These bars meet the requirements of most housing codes but are not egress-compliant. However, they are robust and available in six different sizes, each of which can be adjusted for a perfect fit.

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The bars are spaced less than four inches apart to prevent accidental falls and break-ins. They’re also more affordable than the hinged alternative.


  • Housing code compliant
  • Permanent and robust


  • No emergency access
  • Poor quality screws

#4 Jeacent Adjustable Window Security Bar

This steel burglar-proof bar can be installed on any sliding window or patio door and is fully extendable and adjustable. It has 22 different settings and can extend from 15½” to 29½”.

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The push pin holds the security bar in place, providing extra protection against forced entry and preventing accidental falls. Its unique design makes it simple to install and remove in an emergency.


  • No tools are required for installation
  • It doesn’t obstruct the view


  • Difficult to adjust
  • Too short for some doors

#5 U.S. Patrol Sliding Glass Window Security Bar

These decorative window security bars are made of iron and provide durable and reliable home security. They can be adjusted to fit sliding windows between 12″ to 21″ in either height or width.

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Easy to adjust and install, they offer extra protection even when the window is open, so you can ventilate your home without compromising security.


  • Wrought-iron construction
  • Easy to install and adjust


  • Difficult to remove
  • Doesn’t adjust in small enough increments to fit all windows

What To Look For In Window Security Bars

Ease of Installation

Maybe you’re happy to invest the time and energy required to install a permanent window guard correctly. On the other hand, perhaps you lack the skills or tools necessary to complete such a complex project.

A poorly installed window guard is even more dangerous than having none.

Not only could an intruder potentially break open or remove a poorly installed window security bar, but it could prevent you from escaping in an emergency.

Opt for a simple removable model unless you’re confident you’ve got the skills to install permanent or hinged window security bars correctly.


Most burglar bars are made of either iron or steel, which are strong and durable.

The best window security bars we found were made of carbon steel tubing. The downside of these materials is that they are neither rust nor weather-resistant. Some manufacturers are now creating invisible window security bars of transparent polycarbonate.

These are relatively rare at present but offer a rust-resistant alternative to metal.


If you only want to secure a single basement window, you shouldn’t have to spend more than $30 to $50 on window security bars. However, if you want to increase the security of your entire home, you’ll be looking at a significant investment.


Burglar bars can trap you inside just as easily as they keep intruders out, and that potential risk has led to some states introducing specific laws about what type of window security bar can be installed and where. These restrictions are known as the laws of egress.

For instance, permanent window guards are not permitted in California and Texas. The only type of window security bar allowed is one with an emergency release mechanism.

Rental agreements may also prohibit the installation of permanent security bars, limiting the options available.


Window security bars prevent intruders from accessing your home through a ground-floor window. Even if they break the glass, they will prevent them from entering.

Simple removable bars prevent the window from being forced open, while a hinged window guard will prevent anyone from removing or breaking the glass and gaining access that way.

Once you’ve chosen and installed your window security bars, you’ll want to ensure the rest of your home is equally well protected.

Whether you find out how to secure your door from being kicked in or commit to complete home security by applying these handy tips, your home and whatever you’ve stockpiled inside will be much safer than before you started.

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