The 6 Types of People Who Will Die First When SHTF

We all believe that we’d fare well if a disaster hit. At least, those of us who think about disaster preparedness believe that they’d survive (the rest aren’t even willing to admit that a disaster could impact them!).

A lot has already been written and debated about the people who will die first when SHTF. Most fixate on people like the physically weak, disabled, elderly, and yuppies.

But I don’t want to focus on those standard weaknesses here.

I firmly believe that anyone – regardless of health or physical ability – can survive a disaster with the right amount of planning.

For some — like preppers with disabilities or small children — it will take a lot more planning and prepping. But it can be done.

Unfortunately, many preppers will die. They will die NOT because they stockpiled the wrong items or bought a BOL in the wrong location.

They will die because of personality weaknesses. 

Look at these personality types and see if you fall into any. If so, it is time to stop focusing on gear and emergency kits and work on building mental toughness!

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1. The Indecisive

It is well-agreed that the key to surviving a disaster is to Get Out of Dodge ASAP. The longer you wait to leave, the slimmer your chances are of survival. That’s why we pack Bug Out Bags (see here for a bug out bag checklist) and run emergency drills.

Yet, the decision to leave isn’t an easy one. No one wants to feel like they are overreacting. Emotions can get the better of us, and we make bad decisions in the face of danger.

If you are the indecisive type, you better make a checklist of conditions for when you stay/leave. That way, you can take action immediately instead of waiting too long to flee.

2. The Sentimental

Harry Randall Truman

This one breaks my heart because I can relate. I love my home and community. It would be hard for me to leave, even if I knew that a disaster was approaching. However, I also know that it is vital to put sentimentality aside so we can make rational decisions in the face of tragedy.

Overcoming sentimentality is probably a lot harder than we want to believe. Even with an evacuation order in place, many people chose to stay in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.   Even those with the means to leave didn’t have the heart to go.

I’m also reminded of the case of Harry Randall Truman, the 83-year-old man who died in the Mount Saint Helen’s blast because he refused to leave his home. Before dying of asphyxiation from the explosion, he told reporters:

“I’m going to stay right here because, I’ll tell you why, my home and my (expletive) life’s here…My wife and I, we both vowed years and years ago that we’d never leave Spirit Lake. We loved it. It’s part of me, and I’m part of that (expletive) mountain.”

I understand Truman: His wife and daughter were both deceased. He probably felt like he had nothing left worth living for other than his home… Truman didn’t have any other family (that I’m aware of), so his decision to stay instead of fleeing didn’t affect others. At 83, he was probably near the end of his life and maybe didn’t want to start over from scratch.

However, I do have people in my life that rely on me and care about me. I (hopefully) have a lot of life ahead of me. I owe it to them — and myself — to put aside my sentimental attachments to my home and GO before it is too late.

3. The Macho

The prepping and survival community is filled with machoism. Now, don’t confuse macho with the healthy personality trait of self-reliance and wanting to protect your family.

Machoism is overly aggressive, assertive, and prideful. It is EGO, and it will get in the way of survival!

  • Macho preppers are the ones who flaunt the lone wolf mentality. They believe they can do everything themselves and won’t take help when necessary.
  • Macho preppers show off, which in turn draws attention to themselves and could make them a target.
  • Macho preppers are the ones whose idea of prepping is, “I have a gun. I’ll take what I want!” (And will likely get killed in the process)

If you don’t believe that machoism is rabid in the prepping world, consider how many preppers talk about “standing their ground” if someone attacks their home.   In a lot of cases, you’ll be severely outnumbered. Macho people would rather give up their lives than their supplies!

Recommended Reading: Home Security

Or consider this remark to this post about hiding guns: “If it is time to hide ’em, it is time to use ’em.”

No successful revolution was ever waged by someone gunning down officers at the door. The people who survived (and won) were the ones who hid, laid low, and waited for the right moment to come out of the shadows.

4. The Uncreative

The ultimate survival skill is not knowing how to start a fire, how to purify water, or even how to treat wounds.

The key to survival is creativity.

Creative people are the ones who will look at an abandoned soda can and realize that it can be turned into a stove and that the tab can be used as a fishing hook.

They are the ones who will turn a crayon into a candle or use a plastic bottle to make rope.

You might think that you can’t learn creativity. True – some people are naturally more creative than others. However, there are some exercises you can do to encourage creativity.

I know they seem cheesy, but they really do help!

5. The Panicky

In a disaster, approximately 10% of people panic while 80% freeze (which is a severe form of panic). Only 10% of people respond and take action.

The ability to stay calm during a disaster is key to survival. By default, preppers will be less likely to panic than the general public because they have accepted that there are risks and likely have a disaster plan in place.

Yet, don’t assume that you are superhuman and won’t panic during a SHTF disaster. Staying calm is a skill that must be developed. I recommend trying these exercises, which build mental toughness.  

6. The Fantasy-World Planners

“Fantasy planners” are the preppers who believe they can live off the land, hunt, farm, and forage through the apocalypse.

This sort of fantasy planning ignores realities (such as that you have never actually done any of these things, that you are out of shape, and that you can’t predict everything).

The solution? Perform real-life drills.

For example, try going camping with just the items in your Bug Out Bag. If you can’t survive 3 days like that, you aren’t going to be able to survive a lifetime in SHTF conditions! But you will learn how to prepare better so you can survive.

What other types of people do you think will get killed first when SHTF? What personality traits will keep you alive? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. In most cases, bugging out is in the fantasy realm of ideas. I live in Idaho and every “plan” I have seen, identifies Idaho as the place to bug out to. People believe that they can go to the mountains, hunt and fish and survive. Unfortunately, you will not be alone. Very quickly the density of people will overwhelm the natural resources and there will not be enough to sustain the population. You will quickly be in more danger as people starve and hunt you down at night to steal your resources and eliminate the competition on resources. Unless you can afford a cabin, or a secret cave, you do not have much of a chance. You will be a target when people find you. The only reason I would bug out would be to escape to an area that was not affected by the disaster in my own area. If it is National or World-wide, bugging “in” is a much better option.

  2. I hear people say they will “bug out”, I ask “Where to?”, whats your plan, where”s the secret cabin in the woods, next to water, and stocked with food, ammo, guns, etc? I get answers from, “I will decide when I get there”, “I will wing it”, “I will go to “_________”, house up north and live there for awhile” etc…

    Sure bugging out is beneficial – when absolutely necessary. There are dangers to bugging out too late, too soon, and maybe not at all, or dangerous to even try it when your gear and stuff are safe just where you are at. Most people do not have a tight community of fellow like minded geniuses, let’s face it – I prepare – and some think I am nuts (now). I trust in staying below the radar as long as possible, People have no idea what I have, and I don’t brag about it, it’s a serious hobby for me.

    Bugging out is not in my first plan of action, not even 2nd or 3rd, if I have to bug out, I fully understand that my existence has become much more dangerous.

    For those who plan to bug out – actually have a plan – and test it out. I do in fact have family up North, and they would want me to come up fast, nope, I will enjoy living safe just where I am at – as long as it’s safe – I was on a Special Ops Team in the military, safe to me – may be very dangerous for others. Skill sets are very valuable when it comes, and make no mistake – it’s coming.

    • Hey Robert, I’m Don ,50th Sig, 18th
      Air Corps Ft.Bragg. I like how you talk
      Very forward and to the point. You probably are already a excellent leader. You kept me interested and
      Focused the whole time. I’m glad
      That their are still experienced people like you who will take the time out that you do to help others. God’s speed you Sir. Thank you!

  3. People who don’t practice what they preach. If you don’t have a survival self-reliant lifestyle you won’t make it. I don’t care if you took a class 5 years ago, or went through military boot camp 15 years ago. If the methods aren’t part of your usual life, you won’t make it. Just as important as practiced skills is your network of friends, family and acquaintances. Be nice to people, you might need them one day. If you remember nothing else, there is no resistance without resilience; how will you be resilient?

  4. After reading several articles online, and their multitude of resulting comments, I have to honestly say the ones most likely to survive are the ones that keep their prepping secret, their heads (and bottoms) down, and keep an open mind on shifting to deal with situations. *Darwinism isn’t survival of the strongest or smartest, but of those who able to adapt to change* After the last 4 years (and falling into watching documentaries of the past century) I’ve learned one viable, and consistent, thing: being prepared is good, being able to survive better, being able to live is best. What do you determine to be living? Can you reach that goal with your skills, supplies, social supports, and locations? If so, once the sitch has leveled out, then living will be the next order of business. It will never be the “right time” only right now.

    • Hey Miller, This is Don. You have a very excellent point on ( forgive the
      Term ),keeping it on the low low.
      And on that same level, here is what works for me ( multiple times ).
      I’m right under there noses (radar)
      and they don’t even see me.
      I’m glad I saw your comment.
      Have a good day Sir.

  5. One important group of preppers that will NOT survive is these who are NOT synchronized with the local and global Situational Awareness. So if I am a prepper that have the best BOL with every weapon, food and medicine, if I NOT sync with my prepper community (emails, telegram groups, zello groups, HAM radios) and I am on vacation drinking mojitos, then I am the main dinner for zombies.

    • Agree –

      I would add that “Situational Awareness” is a start – but push past that and learn to have “Situational Recognition”.

  6. If SHTF, is there really going to be any good place to bug out to? Only if you have a place already prepared in a remote location that you hope nobody else is aware of. In my opinion it may be best to assess the situation and it would have be a dire set of circumstances to make you leave your home. You may have a better chance of defending it and yourself, than a place unfamiliar to you.

    • I tend to agree that if most people remain local with coordinated efforts of their local networks, neighbors etc, they stand a better chance than the fantasy lone wolf zombie bug out local with no support. We use our networks often. Life would become severely more difficult without them. Though I never expect to have our network available (plan b,c etc), I certainly appreciate them and will maintain their trust as little long as I can. The serious bug out location is reachable by air and can sustain for 10 Years + with no intervention, which is a serious economic endeavor most will never achieve. That’s all good, but most can create networks of skilled folks who can band together in proper communities of like minded individuals.

  7. My thoughts on a SHTF situation is don’t trust anyone, don’t expect help from the government. Don’t expect help from your family or your friends. They are the ones who will more than likely take everything you have and then screw you in the end. Take advantage of anything that will improve your situation and don’t draw attention to yourself or your situation.

    • Nobody is coming to help…

      Many will perish in the early days crying, “Who is going to help me? Where is the Government” The charities?”

      When I asked a family member who I know goes out to eat three meals a day, and only has Poptart’s in the pantry what will they do if there is a crisis? They said, “I will run to the store and buy food!”
      I told them, “If there are no deliveries coming in to restock, the grocery store will be out of food within three days!” “Then what will you do?”
      Believe it or not, they said, “We will just go to the local food bank/soup kitchen!”

      They are going to be one of the first to die!

  8. It depends on which type of shtf disaster, is it a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado or is it wide spread panic in the streets? Or is it something else?

  9. Screw bugging out!
    Hunker down in a house you’ve chosen and can fortify.
    Be in a group of people that are dependable and can get to the hunker house, prepared to wait it out and that have or will have skills and materials to help fortify the house.

  10. I am adding to this conversation well past the beginning of the conversation, But for discussion. What about the “prepper” who prepares for others, i.e. a parent (s) with younger children prepping for 60-90 days of survival in the city / suburb environment that realize that the only option is attempt to shelter in place / bug in (unless it is a natural disaster that requires leaving or…?). As there is 0% chance for a single parent with a 4yo and a 7yo to bug out. (in a societal collapse type of scenario) In the City / Suburb environment people do not share if they are prepping or not, so those who are (assumption here) will have to wait to see who else remains after 3-4 weeks and then came together as a community. Parents sometimes feel they fall into the lone wolf category by default, when they aren’t.
    Just some thoughts on the article I read.

    • As someone who used to live in Sarajevo (and thus knows a LOT of people who were trapped in the city for years during a full-outu siege…), I can tell you that people do come together. My friends talk about war being a great equalizer and how people worked together — like building a pulley system in the elevator shaft so they could haul water buckets up to the higher floors of apartment buildings. Not everyone loses their humanity when SHTF. But it is definitely smart to know your neighbors if you already know that you won’t be able to bug out.

      On another note, remember that bugging out doesn’t always mean fleeing into the wilderness. In most cases, it simply means fleeing somewhere nearby. I hosted a lot of Syrian refugees at my home – including many with very little children. So, it is possible to bug out even with little kids as a single parent. It just takes a lot more planning and the mental strength to leave before things get too bad.

    • The same goes for bugging in with a disability. Family members who have health issues that are controlled by medication are the first to go because of the reliance of life: medication ratio. One thing I’ve seen time and time again isn’t the being prepared to survive, but the lack of being prepared for failure. There is a reason why there are so many small cemeteries in the USA. And learning to accept this basic fact of existence will place a group in a better (health wise) place than those who are unable to remove properly contaminations of environment.

  11. “At least, those of us who think about disaster preparedness believe that they’d survive (the rest aren’t even willing to admit that a disaster could impact them!).”
    That’s a false dichotomy mate, I am willing to admit that large scale disaster could happen and I also firmly believe that in a scenario where more than 50% of people die I am more likely to be in that >50% group than not.

  12. One of the ways we should prepare for the future Is to start living within our financial means. When the “stuff hits the fan”; No one’s going to care if your house cost you $950,000 . Or you own a fancy sports car. Or if a famous fashion designer designed your clothes. Our last recession was caused by people buying Expensive stuff on credit. Plus big banks were stupid to loan them money to buy that stuff.

  13. I have met some of the “MACHO” preppers( I am related to one). There is one thing people like her don’t realize. NOT ALL OF “THOSE” PEOPLE ARE LOOTERS:CRIMINALS AND RAPISTS. We need to learn to work together again. It’s one of the ideas that made this country great.

  14. What about the “Born Again” Fanatics who believe that they will be taken away by the Divine rapture? I hope someone asks them “Hey_____ . You didn’t make it?

    • What about the fanatics that still believe that there is no rapture? How are you going to feel when you realize you missed the boat?

      Societal collapse has happened hundreds of times in the last 2, 000 years…. so why would one fail to prepare since the rapture did not happen those times? I would say, instead of criticizing those who fail to prepare for a temporary event, one should be prepared for the “big one” A.K.A. the rapture too! Preparedness has many facets.

  15. I decided to move from an area in eastern NC which would become very unsafe very quickly when things get bad. I am now in the Smokey Mountains in a house at the top of the mountain with a river at the bottom. There’s only 3 other homes on the mountain and the people who live in them are very elderly so I don’t see any of them as potential threats. Guess I’ve already Bugged Out. Have tons of preps and will now be teaching myself how to use the Sun Oven, water filters and some other things. I also will diligently work on creative skills. But I am a 66 yr old woman and am alone. It won’t be easy since some things require more strength than I have but I intend to give it my best shot.

  16. An Emp event can only happen two ways: 1) someone sets off an air-burst nuclear warhead, or 2) a massive solar flare goes off. The odds on #1 happening are possibly 1,000,000,000,000- 1. I’m looking for a bookie who’ll cover a bet on it happening. I’m not sure if anyone will survive #2.
    I’m glad that you mentioned the prepper who’s afraid of zombies. Plus the MACHO one.
    We should think like the Mormons do. They assemble a one year emergency food supply. In case of a flood;tornado, or a six month job lay off.

    • I doubt someone would survive #1 either… keep in mind that the EMP’s are meant to take down our military’s missile defenses for the next salvo of nuclear weapons. Unless other circumstances are met, you’ll MOST LIKELY perish. My big takeaway from the article and everyone’s comments is that you should prepare to prolong life according to your situation, but you shouldn’t fear death either. We all die eventually!

  17. I think a lot of people are not prepared for the reality of bugging out. If you don’t go early enough you will face mobs and riots as well as looters and thieves.
    Timing is everything in a bug out situation.
    I will hunker down if possible. I’m only gonna leave if death is the outcome of staying.
    I don’t have a bol or an escape route. I’m in a safe place with trustworthy neighbors and we have loose plans to defend our location.
    Plans can change and probably will. But for now, I’m better prepared to survive in place. Going on the road will be my last resort.

  18. You did not mention those that have to stay behind to support the community. Those are the ones that are hopefully prepared as much as they can be. Because we can’t go home until the community is safe

  19. You are the folks who have the best chance to survive. My husband is, and I am just this side of, being senior citizens, and we are not in good health. In the emergency we would just hunker down in our home (I do have the food, water, etc stored), and wait things out as long as we could. Leaving our town? Where would we go? My husband was in the military so has some survival type skills, but still …. we would be best off staying put. With our country in such a weakened state, we could be further invaded by enemies.
    So, for all you who would survive, things could be very very bad. But remember as time would go on, work on rebuilding whatever is left. It would take years and years, and several generations, but that is the only way to finally win.

  20. I see the top three SHTF scenarios as Jihad, Big meteor strike, mega plague, I’m already a coupe hundred km, out of the city giving me a head start ,We will bug out ,and bug out fast, I own a Toyota LandCruiser series 80 one of the most overengineered vehices ever made fully fuelled it has a range of 600 km, with jerry cans 1000km, head for the desert, its hard not to find the desert in Australia, take food, water, water purification, Defensive weapons tools, my own spinach seeds i have developed over the last 15 years just about grow any where in any climate, my wife is a skilled Hunter gatherer who has her indigenous skills, I can live on very little food, ( I lived on 400 calories 6 days a week for 6 months) Australia has artesian water in about a third of the desert areas, ( I have drunk it before)I also have good problem solving skills, Running with my mother as a child avoiding the police and child welfare, ( my mother refused to send us to school) and we took to the road, even outsmarted a killer/ rapist on the road, we have a great love for each other, We are prepared to do anything to suvive as long as we can,

  21. What about an article on what types of people to avoid? Those that could even get you killed; or, those who will sap your strength and/or your supplies.

  22. So reading everyone’s input… everyone has a different way to plan their survival during a SHTF. Which is not a bad thing, everyone will not prep and plan the same that’s just how it is. There’s also the fact that remains that we don’t know what kind of disaster we are planning for. If its a major flood there’s only so many options of survival. That to me is the most difficult to plan out. Expecially if you dont want to seek public shelter. Thats a NO NO. So dont bank on that. If there’s a EMP you might want to seek shelter under ground… start building a Bunker or exc. fully stored for when green means GO. Disease outbreak you may have to board up your homes tightly or again seek underground shelter also fully stored with your needs. You need to plan for various scenarios. You may not be able to grab your bug out bag and have a dwelling get away to get to. You might have to armor up your home where you live and fight where your at. That doesn’t mean you wont survive… it just means if your prepared to do so no one will F*** with you. A alternate shelter outside the city may help too for those who have one, simply because the more people in your city and in your neighborhood, the more bacteria sickness and disease will spread due to water shortage, lack of hygeine and trash. So plan for various scenarios. Keep your prepping lists updated and keep prepping, PRAY, continue to educate yourselves and network with other preppers (only when its the right time and when its safe).

  23. Have Any of you ever watched the history channel survival show “alone”? All of the experts quit!!! All of the bush craft, military trained survival experts quit! It’s about luck and a strong psychology of never quitting, understanding your goals and objectives and making strides toward said achievments. I noticed that early on, one must achieve as much as possible while able to, situations only become more difficult.

    • You need to read them BEFORE the SHTF *anyway*, if you try to start learning this stuff afterwards you are going to be seriously behind. Sure, a print option for reference would be nice, but it gets expensive, too.

  24. Reverse osmosis water is very very BAD for u. It has all of the minerals and trace elements removed from it. Its Ok for short term, 6 months, but you will get sick in the long term.

  25. I like all the ones that are going to live by hunting. Gee only several million people have said the same thing. I guess when you wipe out all the hunt-able animals you are screwed.

  26. Daddio7 All I can say is I’d rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Surviving a TEOLAWKI event will be unlikely for most of us but not impossible.

  27. Bryan O You have some big talk there!! All you people that swear you are going to the land to live. But those nasty old hippies will die? In the 60’s those “nasty Hippies” are the only ones so far that have actually done just that. Oh and by the way Mr Military. You act like no one else has the same or better training than you. I suggest you think real hard about all your macho stuff because it will get you killed fast.

  28. I just started prepping a couple years ago, and yes i have some guns and can use them, and yes i have some stored food and seeds and can garden and hunt as i have already done this all of my life. i also have means of filtering water which is plentiful in my area. i live in a very small town in a rural part of a southeastern state. After imagining many situations unfolding, and have to face the facts that there is no such thing as an army of one, i have contacted some like minded friends and we have decided if SHTF to form a small community that can share resources, gaurd duty or policing our area ect. there will be a total of around 100 of us, and all are known and trustworthy. Second, if situations evolve that make our community un sustainable, smaller groups of 15-20 will split off in a “Bug out” to the forrests type last ditch effort. hey it worked for many Jews in the black forrest against hitler so maybe it would give some us some time. The real truth is we are all going to die sometime, and our group are Christians who dont want to die but dont fear death. The main thing is to never give up and never lose hope. To us Jesus is hope. I encourage you to hope in Jesus as well. God,guns, bible and baby clinging! Shorty

  29. Surviving a TEOLAWKI event will be unlikely for most of us. A short term SHTF could be survived. My preps are geared to that, enough food for a few months and way to get water and some light. Then seeds and supplies for longer term shortages. I live in a rural area and my neighbor has two 30 x 100 ft green houses. Most of the US east of the Mississippi is within a three day walk of over a million people. We just have to hope they have better places to go.

    • Preparing for the more likely scenarios (weather event, short term grid down etc)is what we recommend and is achievable for most people.

  30. 71 independent days of wilderness survival – foraging, trapping, making weapons to kill food, constructing shelters including snow caves – tended to make this person a bit more self-reliant and incredibly distrustful of persons who cannot do what he did, so why would I team with the people who would cut my throat as a “savage” because they could not BEAR to kill those poor animals and eat them: my family have been trappers and hunters and fishers and foragers for generations and the events you write of would be and end to “life as you know it” and your “civilization” of city-dwellers would come to an end. Think on this – what are you going to do when your careful hoard of bullets run out? Club Bambi and Thumper to death with your useless gun? Edged weapons are just as effective and if you don’t know how to make fire with only wood and to knap flint and obsidian – you best had start learning. Matches run out too.

    • ^ Trapping is better than traditional gun hunting if everything collapses, IMO. For the exact same reason. Less time and energy than lying around in a stand for hours. Unless you’re in a big group, you will have too much to do for that to be feasible.

  31. Every one of you some how in some way sound just like one of the types of people on this list. You just don’t realize it. Although anyone can live off the land depending on the situation as many did before us and many will after we’re all gone. Yes we are all gonna die doesn’t matter what kind of prepper or person you label yourself you are gonna die. Why do you think the events happen. SHTF when all of the Dino’s were killed off. Again with the ice age and once again with Noah’s arc. Just because you think you know how to survive and label others because if his or her plans and saying “you seem like a macho type well you won’t make it long guy” the guy might put live you, you might not even make out of your house. What if if happens when you’re home sleep in your bed, you won’t even have time to react. How can you grab a gun, bug out bag and spring in to action if you’re dead? What if god himself says well time to start over and sends a meteor the size of the U.S towards earth. What’s your plan then. What about a global nuclear fall out? Do you have radiation protection? What if the god says the human race is just useless there’s no hope and blows up the whole entire planet? Are you prepped for those events? Some of you have under ground bunkers! What about flooding?

    • Timothy – that is one way to look at things but around here we like to take sensible, rational and practical steps to increase our chances. Of course if a cataclysmic event were to happen it would all be for nothing but many other scenarios are more likely and certainly survivable with the right preps and mindset.

    • I have also mentioned these various types of disasters. Its best to plan for anything. Priority is Shelter, water , food, weapons, and I say hygiene/ medicine because you can easily kick the bucket because of bacteria during a disaster. So stock up on all of those supplies as much as you can. You’ll have to play it by ear. Already have a plan. If its a flood have a plan. EMP have a plan. Disease outbreak, have a plan. Earthquake, have a plan. Bug out bag or no bug out bag have a plan and a meeting spot, because you could be at work and your kids could be at school when it happens. You wont wont know. #planningisthekey #keeppreppingdontstop

  32. Our church promotes healthy living. Some drink reverse osmosis water, and they usually run it through a distillation system too. I drink tap water and sometimes spring bottled water (like in a strange city). If the water is not 100% without germs when they rinse their food or have to drink some lake water (or whatever), they will get sick and die. Or if they come to my house for a week… The tap water and the bottled water contain all sorts of (I don’t know what to call them) and I think it ups my chance of survival against one that uses 100% pure water. One guy at church wanted to sell us a reverse osmosis system and analysed our water to show us his system was better than tap water. When he showed us the result, he was stunned when we said we wanted all that, for the immune system. Then I told him my theory (above) and he wasn’t happy.

  33. Good & timely article. Thank you for sharing it.

    Those might be the first prepper types to die. #6 fantasy world sounds very familiar.

    I would add the types who mentally-model TEOLAWKI based on what happens during a natural disaster like a hurricane or an earthquake, or for that matter, based on a Hollywood-type disaster movie. Namely, they plan on evacuating at the height of a crisis situation (already not a great idea) to their cabin in the mountains (where there is no arable ground to cultivate), as if they can just wait it out, and then life will be back to normal once the clean-up crews are finished. They sort of assume the economy starts functioning again promptly, like it does after a LOCAL disaster. No sense of 2nd & 3rd order effects either.

    I suspect the very first people to die, even before any of the others already mentioned, are the ones who have psychological not to mention physical dependencies on fragile systems. They believe whatever the talking head on tv says, learned everything they know from public school & college, trust the government & think of it as a force for good, trust their doctors a little too much, and eagerly swallow any pill they’re prescribed.

    Examples follow, many of which are homemade: hose-reel pump – water finding, saving & purifying, also water from the air – solar stills – alternative toilets like ground hole – ¼ acre edible jungle, extraordinary plants including medicinal – alternative laundry, trivial chemical-free washing up – fish dam – no ironing – solar etc hot water, bathing & cooking, Hawaiian BBQ & many stove types including my small smokeless one-stick HELIXTOVE, wick stove uses cheap diesel instead of kerosene – cheap home warming like solar-heated glass veranda – my free teen transport like dog pulling bike up hills, amazing best new budget Chinese electric 50km-range micro folding scooter, Prize homemade 25year old 1WD dual trike both solar charged at home & needing no rego, licence or insurance here on highways, human-hauled kids school bus – air crash investigations put us off flying – Methane digesters – salt water batteries, thermo electric generator works on stove when no wind, sun or hydro energy available – many 12volt appliances including our blackout kit – Hindi oil lamp – natural coolers like waterbag & country dam, what doesn’t need preserving, homemade most efficient 12 volt 2.3 watt fridge & bed warmer – best home & land design formula, cheap room space savers, eco villages & sick homes, total radiation disaster – cheap quickies for home & business – tree-less envelope, floor filing cabinet – Youngsters job bidding – Fashionomics showing non-stitch clothes with little cutting – making wines, jams, preserving fruit, champagne etc without yeast or sugar & no heat apart for some jams; yoghurt; solar food dryers, vacuum food preservers, companion planting chart – mower conversion into grass & brush cutter, scythe, spine-saving bent-handle spork, Stock & wildlife conservation, humanure officially now considered safe, multi-use food trees, organic warning, restoring timber forest with straight tall food trees – extreme winters – Farmlett Permaculture ideal, as a Pensioner, backups, living in tents, Our Good Life – WORLD VAST PLASTIC POLLUTION, recycle, reuse, restore – Our Nuclear Disaster Survival – unusual alternative energy samples – – –

  35. Primal Surviver, I believe being in a group will be the safest and If possible could you please do an article on safety practices for women preppers on how to stay safe and secure to avoid kidnapping, rape, etc, situations a woman may face.

  36. The peace love and happinees, ill let everyone in hippies will die quick, thier letting a coyote into a henhouse and dont even know it. The “ill set up a trade market” people will die soon after as well and for the same reason. Will we need trade? Sure but not off the flip. 6-8 months maybe a year later absolutely but your gonna just draw attention to yourself and get yourself killed doing it too soon. I also disagree slightly With yours as well as most “experts” thoughts on the lone wolf prepper. I spent 21 years in the Army, 19 of which i was a Ranger, I also grew up on the land that i will be bugging to, I HAVE lived and can once again live on my own and make a sustaining life on my own, thats not my plan at all i have a group of chosen friend’s and collegues that im gonna partner up with but if they arent able to make it then i can do it on my own and so could most preppers no matter what their plan is if they absolutely had to. That needs to be parcticed as well.

  37. I was talking to a lady who said her 17 year old son (avid prepper) ran drills for the family. She said “We are prepared for the zombie apocalypse.” I just looked at her and said “Zombies don’t exist.” Her mouth dropped open. I asked her about fresh water. She said her son was going to head for the local lake. I said ” It only exists because of the dam.” Double drop jaw. I had a similar conversation with my grandson who was going to live off the land. I told him to run the numbers. All of the locals in the area would have the same idea. That is 10,000 people trying to live off of roughly 50 square miles. Can’t be done sustainably. Agriculture was what enabled cities in the first place.

  38. You’re probably right on the money, but depending on how much of the SHTF happens, conceivably we’ll all die, it’s jus some will die before others. Water will be contaminated and so will the air. You can have ten years worth of food and water stashed away, but what will you do for air?

    • Not much you can do if the situation is not survivable. We prepare for the most likely scenarios and hope for the best.

      • This comment is literally everything it really is. We can only do what we can do but death does come to all humans so survive for as long as we are able, no promises no guarantees. Make sure when you go your good with your own self, haunting last moments probably not the best way to go.

  39. Then you have the I know everything people they have a college degree and are smarter then everyone I know this because I have two step sons that fit that mold you can’t show them are tell them anything they tell me all the time we’ll figure it out they don’t understand when shtf event takes place you should all ready have figured it out trying to get up to speed during emergency well by then it’s usually to late ha but what do I know I am just the bat shit crazy step dad and the sad thing is my two daughters are the same way I tried to lead them into prepping slowly by giving them completely stocked Bugout bags to no avail there all computer geek’s and love the city I will miss them when the shtf but you can only do so much so many out there live in a bubble and you just can’t help them

    • I agree with you. I have a 17 year old grandson who knows all there is to know about everything. He told his dad when he turns 18 he’s “outta here”. When asked what he’ll use for money (he does work a few hours each week), where he’ll go, how he’ll afford an apartment, food, transportation (no driver’s license or vehicle), he says he”ll “figure it out”. I simply cannot being that smart many decades ago at 17, 18 or even 25. I do suspect when the SHTF he’ll come crawling back to the safety, security and groceries daddy and mommy have willingly provided for free.

  40. I agree with most of this but it’s hard to try survive in the woods with just a bugout bag at the moment because of poaching laws. Can’t just go and shoot a deer out of season for “practice”.

    • You should have three days worth of food in your bug out bag, Bill. It may take you longer than that just to get out of the area in a real bad situation. Since you need to rotate the food in it to make sure it’s fresh, just use the trip to eat it up before you have to replace it. Granted: It might be lean, but dealing with functioning on a low calorie diet for three days will be awesome mental practice.
      Practicing hunting in your bug out location is a great idea, though. Just make it a photo-safari. See how close you can get to what kind of animals before you snap the picture. It will give a purpose to the camping trip, let you learn the lay of the land, and learn what animals live in your haven and where they are. You can even bring extra cans of your favorite food which you only allow yourself to eat if you bag a “kill” that day. I could go on for an hour about the benefits of a “dry run” bugout with a camera, but I’m sure you can think of them. You don’t even look like a prepper; just a eco-friendly dude with a camera.

      • Like the forked horn buck, a doe and her fawn that say hi daily now. If I’m interpreting them grazing on over to about 3′, looking at me and meandering off. They, and I, are working hard to find water after well went dry. T told me about a creekbed puddle. I found it and helped the wildlife. They have it down in sand about 6′. Well came back too. 2am babble. Peace and out.

    • I’m sure fish and other small animals are allowed to be killed for food. You could shoot a racoon or opossum instead, but not sure if they’re good eating or not. Never tried, don’t want to. Wild hogs are an option, too.

      • Possum,raccoon,squirrel I have eaten . Rabbits also. Be careful in rabbits. Yellow between muscle and internal skin. Also crawdads,nutria,frog,, legs. And no matter the size of fish, they can be cooked till paltable.except gar must be less than a foot long. I was raised. With, zero packaged food,fast food,sodas, . Meat potatoes,garden,and wild edibles. Use too tease elders they could go in back yard and pick a bushel of greens. My spouse and children won’t touch any of these. Unless it has a expiration date on it.

  41. I couldn’t agree more to what you said in this article. I think preparedness is an essential skill everyone must have because it will actually help you predict things and even prevent worse things to happen. I love this post keep this up!

    • I am nearing 70 , and like Truman on that mountain depending on a serious disaster I wont leave where I am, I went through shtf 6 years ago, lost everything .. because of really bad luck, lost family property , ,imprisoned then staying hid, name,. hiding isnt anything anymore , intuitivley I know society is breaking down ,and survival is exausting after years of it,.
      depopulation is nearly here, life in surviving hatred , is really hard , bless all of you that understand and help others , but understand there are problems on every level , ..there wont be any winners .


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