15 Of The Best Diversion Safes For Hiding Valuables And Fooling Thieves

Even with the latest home security system, the chances of your home being broken into are still high, with the FBI crime report indicating that 1 in every 36 homes will experience a break-in each year.

The good news is that very few of these break-ins are planned, and most are completed in under 10 minutes. Opportunistic they may be, but they’re far from thorough.

Sure, a lucky burglar may find the money you stashed under the mattress, but they won’t have time to open every book on your bookshelf or scrutinize each can of soda stashed in your pantry.

This is precisely why a diversion safe is so effective. It looks like an ordinary household item but has a secret compartment in which you can hide your most valuable items.

Not only do diversion safes look like the product they’re designed to mimic, but they are also often manufactured so, they feel the same. For instance, a high-quality soda can detection safe feels as if it’s full of liquid, and a water bottle safe may contain water in one section and conceal the secret compartment behind the label.

Some diversions safes are more realistic than others, while others provide better security and value for money. After reading numerous reviews and product descriptions, I’ve come up with a list of 15 diversion safes that look authentic enough to fool thieves and give you peace of mind.

Our Top Pick

water bottle safe

Dasani Water Bottle Diversion Safe

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Water Bottle Diversion Safe

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Mini-Reviews of the Best Diversion Safes

#1 Fake Dasani Water Bottle

water bottle safe

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You don’t have to drink Dasani water to fool potential burglars with this authentic diversion safe. Made from a real Dasani water bottle, this fake item looks just like the real thing.

The top and bottom sections are filled with water, while the secret compartment remains hidden behind the wrap-around label. It weighs around 2 lbs, which is the same as a real bottle of water so, even if someone picks it up and shakes it, they’ll still believe it contains nothing but water.

While you won’t be able to stash a laptop in there, or even a mobile phone, at 1⅛ x 2¾ inches, the secret compartment is big enough to hide the items most commonly targeted by burglars.

According to a study conducted by researchers at The University of North Carolina and the Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology, these include cash, jewelry, illegal drugs, and prescription drugs, all of which will fit snugly into a Dasani diversion safe.

This safe is also versatile enough that you take it with you to the office or when traveling.

#2 Hardback Book Safe

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This fake book diversion safe looks just like a real book with a secret compartment hidden within the pages. With different covers to choose from, you can select the most appropriate, so it blends seamlessly into your bookshelf.

Even if a burglar had time to open every book in an attempt to uncover your secret stash, they wouldn’t be able to open the hidden chamber without a key or combination lock.

The spacious secret compartment measures 9.2 x 5.7 x 1.6-inch, making it big enough for a small handgun and ideal for stashing vital documents, credit cards, jewelry, or medicine.

It may not be the most robust of items or, on closer inspection, particularly authentic, but it’s good enough to escape the notice of a burglar who’s only spending 10 minutes on the job.

#3 MyMealivos Hanger Fireproof & Waterproof Diversion Safe

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The innovative design of this diversion safe keeps it safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers. Hang it in your wardrobe, hidden among your clothes, and use it to store important documents and valuables.

It has two compartments, of which the larger one measures 17.7″ x 16″, making it ideal for birth certificates and insurance policies. The dimensions of the smaller pocket are 8″ x 5, making it big enough to store your bitcoin wallet, passport, money, and jewelry.

This is the only diversion safe I found that doubles up as a fireproof document bag, protecting your valuables against natural disasters as well as home intruders.

#4 Fake Roller Hair Brush

hairbrush safe

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This affordable diversion safe is one of the few that you can use for its original purpose. You can brush your hair and keep your valuables secure at the same time.

While this diversion safe is ideal for the home, gym, dorm, or car, you might want to give it a miss if you’re completely bald. If a home intruder has been watching you, they may well notice this anomaly and snatch the brush on the off chance.

The secret compartment is secured with a screw top so you won’t accidentally open it while styling your hair and, while the exact dimensions aren’t specified, it looks big enough for a roll of cash, a spare key, and a few pieces of jewelry. It’s also one of the more affordable diversion safes available.

#5 Fake Barbasol Shaving Cream

barbasol can safe

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This authentic diversion safe is made from the original container so is indistinguishable from a real can of shaving cream.

No thief would think to search a can of shaving cream, especially as it’s weighted to feel like the real thing.

You won’t be able to fit much in this 1.75 x 3.5” compartment, but it’s big enough for the essentials and yet small enough that you can take it with you when visiting the gym or traveling.

#6 Sprinkler Outdoor Spare Key Hider Safe

sprinkler head safe

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Some people find it virtually impossible to remember their house keys every time they leave home, and hiding a spare under a nearby rock is no longer good enough when it comes to home security.

This clever option looks exactly like a water sprinkler head but has a secret compartment hidden inside that’s just big enough to hide your spare key.

It’s also waterproof and comes with a screw top for extra security. Stick it into your flower bed or lawn alongside the rest of your sprinkler system, and no one will be any the wiser.

#7 Diversion Safe Water Bottle

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Unlike the fake Dasani water bottle, this multifunctional product can keep 500ml water cool for up to 24 hours while secretly protecting your valuables.

The seamless design disguises the secret compartment effectively, keeping your items hidden in plain sight. Measuring 3.25” x 3”, it’s big enough to hold over 100 bills, a couple of credit cards, and a few other essentials.

This high-quality product comes with a lifetime guarantee and, while not the cheapest on the market, is affordable enough to make it excellent value for money.

#8 Streetwise Large Hardbound Diversion Book Safe

hardback book safe

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Unlike the book safe we looked at earlier, this is a genuine hardback book with real printed pages. The current decoy features the cover of the fantasy novel, The Third Kingdom by Terry Goodkind, but the cover is updated regularly so, you don’t have to be an avid fantasy reader to make it look inconspicuous.

The secret compartment is smaller than the one in our other diversion book safe but, at 6.5″ x 3.5″ x 1”, is large enough to hide the essentials, like your passport, credit cards, jewelry, and cash. The compartment is even felt-lined so; your valuables will be snug, as well as safe.

#9 Fake Engine Degreaser 

degreaser safe

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This authentic can of engine degreaser won’t look out of place in your car or garage and has been weighted to feel like the real item.

Screw off the bottom of the can to reveal a small compartment ideal for hiding spare keys and cash.

Despite its authenticity, this is one of the more expensive diversion safes I came across, and I’m not entirely convinced it offers the best value for money.

#10 Pringles Chips Diversion Safe

pringles safe

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While I’ve never burgled anyone, I fear that if I found a can of unopened Pringles, I’d probably find it too tempting to leave behind, which would be a problem if you’d stored your valuables inside one!

Seeing as most thieves look for more sellable items, like electronics or jewelry, however, chances are your valuables would be safely stashed in a Pringles can.

#11 Coca Cola Can

coke can safe

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Another diversion safe made from an authentic product, this one looks exactly like a real can of Coca-Cola, making it ideal for almost any situation or location.

Hide your valuables in the top and carry them safely to the office, gym, or on holiday, without drawing attention to your wealth.

This affordable product also receives consistently good reviews, which should give you peace of mind when purchasing it.

#12 Picture Frame Can Safe

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This is probably the most expensive option on our list, but it’s also one of the most discreet. Place your favorite photograph into the frame and display it proudly in your home or office while keeping your valuables carefully hidden in the secret safe at the back.

This diversion safe comes in one size accomodating a 6.5” x 8.5” photograph and featuring a secret compartment that measures 0.7” x 7.5” x 5.7”. Not only is it spacious enough to hold all your valuables, including jewelry, money, and even a small handgun, but the compartment is also designed to muffle any noise the contents might make. Even if a thief were to pick it up and shake it, they still wouldn’t realize its true purpose.

Although expensive, this diversion safe comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and receives consistently positive customer reviews.

#13 Axe Body Spray

body spray safe

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Another great product for men, this diversion safe is made from a real Axe body spray can and weighs the same as the original product.

The secret compartment is hidden in the top of the can and accessed via a screw top. It’s lightweight so, won’t weigh you down but will keep your valuables safe in almost any situation. After all, who would think twice about a can of deodorant in your gym bag, car, bathroom, or office drawer?

#14 Ajax Powder Cleanser

ajax can safe

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Although this safe is just as authentic as any other, I have my doubts about it, primarily because I can’t remember the last time I saw Ajax powder cleanser on the supermarket shelves or in anyone’s home.

Nevertheless, if you’re something of a germaphobe and have a stash of cleaning products in every cupboard, this could be the most effective way of hiding your valuables.

#15 Working Thermometer Diversion Safe Key Hider

thermometer safe

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Like the sprinkler product we reviewed earlier, this working thermometer is designed to hold your spare keys so that you never get locked out of your home again.

The secret compartment is pretty small, measuring just 6.38” x 2” x 1″. While this is ideal for a couple of keys, it won’t hold much else. This diversion safe won’t draw attention to itself hanging outside your front door or inside the house but, the secret compartment isn’t necessarily waterproof, so you could end up with a couple of rusty keys that no longer fit your locks.

How To Choose The Best Option For Your Needs

When choosing a diversion safe, make sure it’s something that won’t look out of place. If, for instance, your home is completely devoid of books and bookshelves, a book diversion safe is going to look out of place and draw attention to itself. On the other hand, if you have a cupboard full of Coca-Cola, then the Coca-Cola can diversion safe is ideal.


Before you make a purchase, be clear about what you want to hide in your diversion safe. If it’s a small handgun, you’ll need to opt for one with a larger secret compartment. However, if you’re just looking for a place to store some spare cash, something like the Dasani water bottle will do just fine.

The smaller your diversion safe, the easier it is to lose so, while one that looks like a dime may fool a thief, it could easily fool you too and disappear into a pocketful of change, leaving you to sift through, trying to find it.

Authenticity – Pros and Cons

You want a diversion safe that looks as authentic as possible, so opt for those made from the real product or those that function like the real item, like the fake roller hairbrush. The only problem with that is, if someone borrowed your hairbrush, they might accidentally discover your secret hiding place.

If you share a house with many other people, it’s advisable to avoid diversion safes that look like consumables. A carton of Pringles won’t last long in a houseful of students, for instance, and you’d be mortified if someone discovered it was empty and threw it in the trash.

Some diversion safes are so authentic and inviting they might attract the attention of an unsuspecting thief. If, for example, you decided to hide your cash in a picture frame that displays a replica painting, a burglar might decide to take it because it looks good enough to sell on.

In other words, you want one that looks good, but not too good!


A diversion safe is one of the most cost-effective ways of protecting your valuables without spending a fortune on smart home security gadgets or insurance.

The more authentic they are, the less likely they will draw attention to themselves or the items you have stashed inside. Furthermore, the more seamlessly they blend into your home, office, or car, the more inconspicuous they become.

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