10 Of The Best Buck Folding Knives That Will Make Every Hunter Drool

No hunter or survivalist would be equipped without a good knife. And when it comes to knives, Buck folding knives are considered one of the best options.

Here’s where we’ll guide you through the best Buck folding knives.

What is a Buck Folding Knife?

Before we get into the best Buck folding knives, we should clarify what a buck knife is.

Buck Knives is a manufacturer based in the USA. However, since they are often credited as inventing the folding lockback knife, the term “buck folding knife” is often used to refer to other brands of folding lockback hunting knives – not just ones made by the Buck company.

Note that Buck Knives did not invent the lockback knife. They’ve been around since the 1600s. Buck just popularized the lockback in the 1960s. Their Buck Hunter 110 is marketed as “The Original Lockback knife.” (Source)

Thus: Buck folding knife = lockback hunting knife

Why a Lockback Knife?

Generally, fixed-blade knives are best because of their strength (especially when they are full tang).

However, we don’t always want a fixed-blade knife. Folding knives have the benefit of being lightweight and easier to carry.

The lock mechanism matters if you choose a folding knife as your hunting knife.

You don’t want the knife accidentally closing on you while you’re gutting or skinning an animal.

Locking Mechanism

A lockback knife has a spine on a spring. When the knife is in the open position, the spine locks onto a notch on the back of the blade.

To close the lockback, you push down on a part on the back of the spine, causing the knife blade to disengage so it can close.

Compared to other types of folding hunting knives, a lockback is a good choice because of its strength and reliability.

The only major disadvantage is that you usually need two hands to close the lockback.

Best Buck Folding Knives

*Because “Buck folding knife” is synonymous with “lockback hunting knives,” we’ve included some knives which Buck does not make. They are all excellent knives, though!

Heads Up

Buck knives can engrave your knife if bought direct – you can see their store here.

Buck 110 Knife

Called “The Original Lockback Knife,” the Buck 110 was released in 1964 and has remained popular. It is affordable, made in the USA, and has a lifetime warranty.

Note that the Buck 110 is a clip-point blade. This makes it a good choice for an all-around blade for camp chores while still having the functionality of a hunting knife.

Buck Omni Hunter 12PT Knife

gut omni hunter 12pt folding knife

As far as cheap folding hunting knives go, this is one of my favorites. It is one of the lighter-weight models made by Buck Knives (4.6oz).

Note: This knife has been discontinued

Buck Bantam BHW Knife

This is an excellent knife for everyday use. It is very cheap but still covered by the Buck lifetime warranty. Comes with a lanyard and removable clip.

Note that the blade is short at 3 5/8,” but the closed size is 5 1/8″. So, if you have larger hands, this is a good choice of Buck folding knife.

Buck 398 with Gut Hook Knife

The Buck 398 has a 4″ blade, is 5 ¾” when closed, is made from 420HC steel, and is lightweight at just 5.1oz.

The gut hook is well-designed to be used on a wide range of game.

Note: This knife has been discontinued

Spyderco Native 5 G10

Spyderco is one of my favorite knife brands, and their Delica made my list of budget survival knives.

Their Native 5 makes the list of best buck folding knives because it is so lightweight at 5oz despite having an open length of 8.5″.

Viper Start Lockback

Viper knives aren’t as popular as brands like Buck or Spyderco, but they are equally worthy of recognition.

Made in Italy, these knives have a lot of style and great attention to detail.

The Start series includes this great lockback. It is a bit larger and heavier than the other buck folding knives on this list (9.25″ open, 6.4 oz), which might be preferable for big-game hunters.

Note: This knife has been discontinued

Fallkniven Knives TK4 Wolf’s Tooth Lockback

This knife looks ultra-modern and is incredibly compact. Thus it is great for your everyday carry. Yet, the blade is quality enough to be used when hunting game.

Left-handed hunters will appreciate that this is an ambidextrous knife.

Steel Will Gekko Mini 1500 Lockback

Steel Will Gekko Mini

Steel Will makes a large,  tough knife called the Gekko. The Gekko Mini is their EDC version of the same knife.

This knife is the most expensive here, but it could also save your life, and you’ll love having it with you.

It has a blade length of 3.5″, a closed length of 4.37″, a micarta handle, and weighs 4.76oz.

Note: This knife has been discontinued

Buck 550 Selector 2.0

This Buck knife was first released in 1990. It stands out because of its interchangeable blade feature.

With the newer version of this knife, you have three blade options: drop point, drop point serrated, and gutting.

Not everyone is a fan of interchangeable knife blades, but they are great for people who can’t afford to buy 3 separate knives and don’t want to bother lugging them around.

This Buck knife is a bit pricier than most of their options, but you are getting three knives in one.

Note: This knife has been discontinued

What’s your favorite buck folding knife?

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  1. Glad to see someone talk about Buck knives. Have 3. Most favorite is Buck Squire. It has gutted many deer and cleaned a lot of fish. Only complaint is it needs a pocket clip. Looking at buying the Duke model as it is slightly larger.

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