These Prepping Items Used to Be in Everyone’s Home and Now Most People Can’t Even Recognize Them.

In a world dominated by smart gadgets and high-tech appliances, it’s easy to dismiss the humble tools and machines that our grandparents and great-grandparents used. But, if a grid outage causes us to lose power for a long time, these seemingly obsolete items will be crucial for survival and comfort.

Let’s take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and rediscover these prepping essentials that were once household staples.

Manual Washing Machine

1950s hand operated laundry machine

Prepper’s Wisdom: In a grid-down scenario or prolonged power outage, your electric washing machine becomes a useless hunk of metal. Enter the manual washing machine – a hand-cranked savior for keeping your clothes clean without electricity. Compact and efficient, it’s a must-have for preppers aiming to maintain hygiene during extended emergencies.

Grain Milling Burrs

grain mill parts

Prepper’s Wisdom: In a world where access to pre-ground flour may not be guaranteed, a manual grain mill becomes a prepper’s essential. It allows for the milling of grains into flour, ensuring a renewable source for baking and cooking needs during extended crises.

Root Cellar

root cellar

Prepper’s Wisdom: Before refrigeration, our ancestors relied on root cellars to store vegetables and fruits. In a prepper’s world, a root cellar serves as a natural, energy-efficient way to store food, especially root vegetables, preserving them for an extended period without the need for electricity. It’s a vital component for building a resilient and long-lasting food supply.

Toilet without Plumbing:

vintage indoor toilet without plumbing

Prepper’s Wisdom: In a world where flushing toilets are dependent on a functioning sewage system, a basic toilet sans plumbing becomes a prepper’s best friend. Whether camping, bugging out, or facing water scarcity, having a no-frills toilet ensures you don’t find yourself in a true SHTF scenario!

Coffee Grinder

manual coffee mill, vintage

Prepper’s Wisdom: In a crisis, a good cup of coffee can provide comfort and a much-needed energy boost. A manual coffee grinder allows preppers to enjoy their favorite brew even when electricity is a distant memory. Compact and portable, it’s a perfect addition to any emergency kit for those who refuse to compromise on their morning rituals.

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Canning Lids

Prepper’s Wisdom: Preserving food is a prepper’s art, and canning lids are the unsung heroes. They ensure your hard-earned harvest stays fresh for an extended period. With the ability to store fruits, vegetables, and even meats, canning lids are a crucial item for preppers looking to build a long-lasting food supply. Still don’t know how to can? Start here.

Meat Grinder

meat grinder

Prepper’s Wisdom: Forget about buying pre-packaged ground meat; a manual meat grinder allows preppers to process their own meat, controlling the quality and ensuring freshness. In a survival situation, having the ability to process game or livestock can be a game-changer.

Fireplace Pot Hanger and Stand

fireplace pot stand hanger
Image credit: Hangijzer, CC BY 3.0

Prepper’s Wisdom: When the power goes out, heating and cooking become a challenge. A fireplace pot stand and hanger make it easy to cook food over an open flame, providing warmth and sustenance simultaneously. It’s a simple yet effective solution for preppers who understand the importance of alternative cooking methods. It’s okay if you don’t have a fireplace. There are may other ways to cook without electricity.

Stand Mixer

stand mixer for bread, vintage

Prepper’s Wisdom: Our great-grandparents didn’t have the convenience of store-bought bread, so they had to make their own. Mixing bread can be hard work, though, so this hand-operated stand mixer was a kneadful companion.

Butter Churn

small vintage butter churn

Prepper’s Wisdom: Butter might seem like a luxury in survival situations, but with a manual butter churn, preppers can turn stored cream into a valuable source of calories and nutrients. It’s a throwback to simpler times when self-sufficiency was a way of life.

Milk Can

old milk can

Prepper’s Wisdom: The milk can, with its uniquely designed conical or dome-shaped lid, proves to be more than just a container. Its shape facilitates easy pouring, minimizing spills and ensuring controlled milk transfer. For preppers keeping livestock or sourcing fresh milk, this practical design becomes a crucial asset.

Can Opener

can opener

Prepper’s Wisdom: Can openers may seem straightforward, but in the era of pop-top cans and electric openers, many struggle to operate a manual can opener. Preppers, however, know the importance of this simple tool in accessing canned goods during emergencies. Be honest – would you be able to figure out how to use this one if your survival depended on it?

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