The 10 Best DIY Hiding Places and Hidden Compartments in Your Home

At Primal Survivor, I’ve discussed protecting your home from theft and intruders before.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read this article about home security.

Even if you take these proactive steps, there is still a chance that burglars could get into your home.

As an added layer of caution, keep your valuables and money in these secret hiding places in your home.

Three Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hiding Place

There are a lot of places to hide things in your home. But not all of these hiding spots are going to be suited to your needs. To narrow it down to good hiding spots, you’ve got to ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. What are you trying to hide?
The main thing to consider here is SIZE. It is much easier to hide a roll of money or some jewelry than to hide your guns.

2. How accessible does it need to be?
If you rely on your gun for home defense, it is stupid to hide it somewhere, like in a mattress safe. Good luck getting to it in time if an intruder enters!

The same also applies to things like jewelry.

If it is a big hassle to put the jewelry back in its secret hiding spot, you probably won’t do it, meaning the thieves will be there waiting to find it.

3. Does it need to be safeguarded against fire and flooding?
If you are going to hide a lot of money in your home, then this is something you must consider.

Do you want to risk all your hard-earned money going up in smoke because it was someplace like a secret wall compartment?

Options for protecting your items include fireproof document bags and fireproof safes. Also, read, do fireproof bags really work?

Secret Containers for Hiding Money and Small Valuables

Use these hiding places for small items and when you aren’t worried about fire or flood damage. Read more about the best diversion safe and ways to hide money in your home.

Deodorant Safe

You can buy or make soda can safes; many people use shampoo bottles to hide their money.

I’ve even seen a lettuce safe that you keep in your fridge. But I DO NOT like these food-type safes. What if someone comes over and wants to drink a Coke? They are going to find your hidden valuables instead!

But I do love the idea of a deodorant safe. No one is going to borrow your deodorant!

You can buy it on Amazon here.

Hairbrush Safe

This secret safe is perfect for hiding money, jewelry, or other small valuables that you need to access frequently.

You can buy it on Amazon here.

Wall Outlet Safe

It is pretty easy to make this yourself. If you don’t want to, you can buy one online.

Hidden Book Safe

Straight out of the movies, this is a great option and very easy to conceal in plain sight. Check Price.

Secret Drawers and Compartments for Your Hidden Cache

Back in the 1800s and 1900s (before people used banks), it was common for furniture to have secret compartments like hidden drawers.

Now, this trend is returning, and you can find a lot of furniture online with built-in secret hiding places. There are especially some good ones for guns.

When choosing furniture with secret compartments, pay attention to its accessibility. The sofa bunker is great, but getting to your valuables would take a while. That could be critical if you use it to hide your guns and need them quickly.

Under-Table Hidden Compartment

This is a great place to hide your gun in case an intruder comes. The great thing about it is that it is so accessible, which isn’t something that can be said about most hiding places for guns.

hidden compartment under table

Tea Caddy Secret Drawer

I can imagine my wife using this as a jewelry box. Then, she wouldn’t have to worry about annoyingly hiding her valuable jewelry in some inaccessible spot each time she took it off.

I’ve never heard of a thief taking an entire jewelry box, so he’d be rifling through it without even realizing that the good stuff was below his nose!

hiding spot for jewelry


This incredible hidden safe is built into a bed and can hold up to 60 rifles. They’ve got a twin bed option too.

You can also take out the gun rack and use the BedBunker to store other things. It is made by the company Safety and Security, and you can check it out here.

hidden safe


Safety and Security also make the CouchBunker. I’ve never tried it out, so I don’t know if it is comfortable. If you have, let us know!

hidden safe in couch

Secret Stairs

You can now find all sorts of plans online on how to make hidden stair drawers. But I like this idea for a secret hiding spot in your home best.

The “secret stairs” are made by Smart Product Technology and are suitable for hiding guns or other large caches. It can also serve as a safe room for your family during a home invasion.

hidden compartment under stairs

Curio Cabinet Hidden Gun Cache

A very observant person might notice that the cabinet is much deeper than its interior shelves. However, I doubt a thief will realize that while burglarizing your home. Plus, the slide-out door means your guns are quickly accessible.

hidden gun safe

Waterproof Underground PVC Pipe

If you need to hide a lot of money or valuables that could get destroyed by fire or flooding, then the PVC cache is one of the best options.

With some sealant, it can easily be made waterproof. The PVC isn’t fireproof, but you can always bury it in the backyard where fire won’t get to it.

I’ve seen people doing cool things with the PVC  – like “installing” it in their basement or under the bathroom sink, so it looks like part of their regular plumbing.

The only downside to this secret hiding place is that your valuables aren’t readily accessible, but they will be there when you need them. You can watch the YouTube video below to learn how to make it.

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  1. “If it is a big hassle to put the jewelry back in its secret hiding spot, your wife probably won’t do it,”

    Seriously? Just stop this highly offensive, sexist garbage.

    • Okay – men can wear jewelry too. But I don’t find this sexist. The point is that your hiding place needs to be accessible. If you have to get a ladder and tools to access the spot, you are less likely to store your valuables there. My jewelry is honestly the only valuable that I need regular access too. All the other stuff basically stays put.

    • It’s simply a fact women are more likely to wear jewelry than men and it’s also more likely a man will be reading this than a woman. Making general statements about who they generally apply to isn’t going to mortally wound anyone. How do blanket statements seriously impact you enough to make it worth getting so angry and venomous over. Seriously, who hurt you?

  2. I like the PVC & the staircase hiding space. I think if they are tearing your house apart looking for stuff the bed & couch are going to be to heavy to tip over so they’re going to know something is up. It’s cool though. I’ve been reading prepping books & in a couple they hid their bags under the floor boards & extra guns in the PVC pipes in the back yard. Awesome idea’s though! Thanks!

  3. Inside the return plendum for your household furnace/air handler. Remove one duct from the plendum, then tie it back in with one zip tie on the black inner liner and one on the outer silver lining. Climate control storage

  4. Im trying to think of a way to do a false bottom in a drawer big enough for a small fire proof box. there also pretty heavy so It would have to be pretty solid with easy access.

  5. Hollow a part out the top of a door insert a mini draw, could put a lock in it that locks sideways. When was the last time you thought of looking there for anything.

  6. Taping paper money in an envelope to the top side of fan blades on a ceiling fan? Inside the hollow legs of a metal table.

    • Not sure about the fan idea could be noisy when the fan is on. Nice idea on the table though, there are potentially hundreds of places for this so keep the suggestions coming.

  7. What about double ziplock bagging stuff to put in bottom of toilet tank? Stuff that can survive water, of course.
    I’ve heard of people faking out a tampon package and rolling money inside the tampon applicator!

  8. Also a good place is take tthe bottom frawer out of your befroom dresser. Place in plastic bags or small tins then put drawer back. Place santiary pafs n tampons in there. Thst will feter buglars

    • I wish I had the money, but the ZAR is so weak against the $.
      I am Wilma Engelbrecht, and I do try to prep, especially with the current situation

    • i did the 6″ PVC pipe thing, made 3 of them for friends “condensation effected them all” not a leak, but he was happy. One friend I added a Fake Furnace ducting. he loved it.
      thanks for the write up.
      keebler in Va.


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