Survival Skills

Would you know how to survive in the wild on your wits alone?  

These articles will take you through beginner to advanced survival skills.

Start by understanding the survival hierarchy of needs and build up your knowledge of wilderness survival skills like making a shelter, fire starting, hunting and trapping, foraging, and making supplies from natural materials.

Getting Started

General overview of survival skills and wilderness survival.

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Fire is what made us human, and it is crucial for survival in the wilderness.  

Whether you need fire for cooking game, keeping warm, or signaling, these articles will teach you the tactics you need to make a fire in any condition.  

Just some of the topics covered include using Ferro rods and flints, starting a fire in the rain, tinder, and smokeless fires. 

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bushcraft shelter

Shelter is one of our most basic survival needs.  

These articles will teach you different survival shelter designs including snow and brush shelters, rigging methods for tarp shelters, and even how to make a shelter without any supplies.

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Wilderness Food

wild edible plants

Do You Know How To Feed Yourself in the wilderness?

These articles cover hunting, trapping, fishing and foraging for food. Practice your skills now and you will be able to feed your family if the time comes.

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Tool Making

How to Forge Your Own Bushcraft Axe Out of Scrap Metal
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The Survivalist's Secret to Making Rope from Plants
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