Rhode Island Off Grid Laws: An In-Depth Guide

rhode island off grid laws

Are you tired of paying high utility bills in Rhode Island or want to live a more self-reliant life? Before you disconnect, make sure you know Rhode Island’s laws about off-grid living. It may be illegal to live the type of off grid life that you want in the State.

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Connecticut Off Grid Laws: An In-Depth Guide

Connecticut off grid laws

Thinking of living off grid in Connecticut? Like its neighbor, New York, there are a lot of restrictions on how you can use your own land in CT. 

Here’s what you need to know about Connecticut’s laws regarding off-grid living to get you started.

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Mississippi Off Grid Laws: An In-Depth Guide

mississippi off grid laws

Mississippi has cheap land, a low cost of living, and lots of rural land.  Because of this, it might seem like a good place for off-grid living. 

But, before you start looking for property, be sure you know the off grid laws of Mississippi.  It might be illegal to live the type of off-grid life you want in the state!

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12 Ways to Boil Water Without Electricity

bug out bag food ideas

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How to Build Your Own Cheap DIY Underground Survival Bunker

Many people are waking up to how vulnerable we all are to disasters and starting to stockpile survival supplies.

Yes, having a stockpile of food, water, candles, first aid supplies, etc., is vital if you want to get through a short-term disaster like a hurricane or earthquake.

But let’s be realistic.  In a major SHTF disaster scenario, these stockpiles aren’t going to help much: as soon as someone realizes that you have supplies, they will come and take them!

The best way to prepare for disaster situations is to keep your supplies secure in your own underground survival bunker.  

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