Best Pepper Spray for Self Defense

Woman with pepper spray

Pepper spray is the best non-lethal self defense weapon. Learn how to use it, what to look for when choosing and the 5 best products to consider.

Does Bottled Water Go Bad or Expire?

plastic water bottles

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The 6 Best Horizontal Carry Knives for Camping and Survival

Self defense knife in log

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How to Store Crackers Long-Term (Shelf Life and Storage Options)

how to store crackers long term

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The Best Rice Storage Containers For Bulk and Long-Term Storage

best rice storage containers

White rice is non-perishable and can last for 30+ years without going bad. Brown rice can last for upwards of 5 years without going bad. But even “non-perishables” can go bad if they aren’t stored correctly.

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Hawaii Off Grid Laws: An In-Depth Guide

Hawaii off grid laws

If you overlook the many natural disasters, Hawaii is considered a paradise where you can live off the land year-round. 

As a result, many people dream about moving there or living off the grid. 

But, before you buy property, make sure you know Hawaii’s off grid laws — it might be illegal to live the type of life you want there.

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New Hampshire Off Grid Laws: An In-Depth Guide

new hampshire off grid laws

New Hampshire is famous for its natural beauty, waterways, and forests. There is also a thriving homesteading community in the State. 

But, if you are thinking of buying property in New Hampshire and disconnecting from the grid, you need to know about New Hampshire’s off-grid laws. It might not be legal to live the type of off grid life you want.

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13 Foods You Surprisingly Can’t Dehydrate (Plus Hacks that Make It Possible)

foods you cannot dehydrate

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