Health and hygiene go hand in hand in the aftermath of a disaster. Arm yourself with the right knowledge before the SHTF.

What Is a Dry Flush Toilet?
Whether you are prepping for a disaster or want to get off the grid and become more self-reliant, a toilet[...]
The Right Way to Make a Bucket Toilet
If disaster strikes and you don’t have an emergency toilet, then it will really be a SHTF situation!  I’d go[...]
The Emergency Hygiene Problems No Prepper Wants to Talk About
In every single disaster situation – from hurricanes to grid outages to warfare – one thing is almost always certain:[...]
Your 3 Best Emergency Toilet Options for When the Plumbing Goes Down
Last month, our water was off for 12 hours. Luckily, we have plenty of water stockpiled. Since it wasn’t a[...]

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