Best Survival and Bushcraft Wallet

There are now a lot of brands that market “survival wallets.” Honestly, most of these survival wallets are pretty gimmicky. The tools they include are cheap and useless.

You’d be better off carrying EDC tools on your keychain or getting EDC credit card tools.

What to Look for in a Survival Wallet?

Just because most survival wallets are gimmicks, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider your wallet as a survival tool.

You carry your wallet with you everywhere, so it can be a valuable part of your survival EDC.

As far as survival goes, you should look for these features:

  • Has enough card slots: There are lots of great EDC credit card tools. Look for a wallet with lots of card slots to carry these tools.
  • Can fit other tools: If you don’t mind carrying a bit bulkier of a wallet, look for one that can fit tools like a notebook, pen, knife, or multitool.
  • RFID blocking: In today’s world, this is an essential feature to have to prevent your cards from being hijacked.
  • Durable: You don’t want your wallet breaking quickly. Case-style wallets are good for preventing cards from breaking.
  • Carabiner loop: If you are very active, you’ll want a carabiner loop. Then you can attach your wallet with a chain to your belt loop so it doesn’t fall out.

Once you’ve got the right wallet, you can build your own EDC survival wallet with the necessary tools.

Top 5 Survival Wallets Reviewed

Because so many different wallets could work for your survival EDC, I’ve decided to break them into categories by type.

Then I’ll give you the best survival wallet for each type.

Best Card Holder Wallet – Dango Tactical EDC Wallet and Multitool

I love how this wallet looks. It is sleek and cool-looking, yet still very practical. You can easily carry it in a front pocket. Or use a carabiner to clip it to your belt loop.

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The main feature of this survival wallet is that it has a built-in multitool. The tool has 10 functions, including a tiny blade. This is great for minimalists who don’t want to carry around a separate multitool for EDC.


  • Gorgeous design
  • RFID blocking
  • Very lightweight
  • Comes with multitool that includes knife
  • Very tough and durable
  • Holds cash reliably in elastic band
  • Made in USA


  • Pricey
  • Can’t be taken on an airplane (must remove the tool)
  • Realistically only holds about 5 cards unless you remove the multitool
  • Aluminum tends to scratch easily

If you don’t feel like spending money on this cardholder, check out our second choice – the Trayvax Original Wallet.

It also has lots of great features but at a much lower price.

Best Tactical Wallet – RAPDOM American Tactical Patriotic

This survival wallet stands out because it has LOTS of compartments. You can stash just about anything in here, including media cards, a small knife, or multitools.

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The wallet isn’t for minimalists, nor for front-pocket carry. However, if your main goal is to get a cheap wallet in which you can put a lot of tools, this is a great choice.

Note that even though the wallet is called “USA,” it is NOT made in the USA. It’s made in Vietnam, hence why the wallet is so affordable.


  • 18 compartments
  • Discreet zippered compartments
  • Can hold small tools
  • Media card pockets
  • Carabiner loop
  • Multiple colors available
  • Tough 1000 denier cordura nylon
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Made in Vietnam
  • Not RFID-blocking
  • Bulky even when not full

Best Slim Survival Wallet – SlimFold Minimalist Wallet

If you already carry around keychain EDC tools, you probably don’t need a big survival wallet. As far as thin wallets go, the SlimFold is one of the best bets.

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It is made from a type of material that resembles GoreTex. It’s completely waterproof, scratchproof, and durable. The only annoying thing is that it is a bit flimsy in your hands when you open it.

Although small, you can still fit many cards and bills in the wallet. It will fit around 5 cards and 15 bills comfortably.

You could easily get 18 bills and up to 12 cards in there, though (which is great if you carry wallet EDC tools).

Beware of a few annoyances: The RFID protection isn’t sealed within the wallet. It is a cardboard-type thing with foil over it, and it is partially exposed.

The wallet also won’t lay flat when you take it out of your pocket, especially if you put a lot of cards in it.


  • Very slim
  • RFID blocking
  • Holds cash and cards
  • Larger model will fit all international currencies
  • Waterproof and stain-resistant
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Made in the USA
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Doesn’t lay flat when full
  • Pricy
  • Material is flimsy in your hands
  • RFID blocker is exposed

Best Indestructible Survival Wallet – Flipside 4 Wallet

If you’ve had problems with your cards breaking in your wallet, this case wallet by Flipside is a good pick.

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The problem with most case wallets is that the locking mechanism eventually breaks.

Not with the Flipside. The lock is reliable and will hold up through many years of use. It also withstands scratching well.

Unfortunately, the Flipside is a bit bulky (which is true of all case wallets) and not very stylish.

Also, be warned that this wallet is only meant for front-pocket carry. It could slip out of your back pocket.


  • Holds 8 cards and 10 bills
  • Flips open easily
  • Easy to organize items
  • Indestructible
  • Doesn’t scratch
  • RFID blocking
  • Automatically locks shut
  • Made in the USA


  • Only meant for front-pocket carry
  • Won’t hold bulky multitools
  • Not very attractive
  • A bit pricy

What To Put In Your Tactical Wallet

EDC Credit Card Tools

There are tons of really cheap credit card tools you can buy. Of course, you shouldn’t expect too much from a $4 multi-tool. They are often made out of cheap materials which will bend or crack during even small jobs.

That said, you can still do a lot with credit card tools. I use the screwdrivers on my credit card survival tool quite often. I would also be thankful for the compass and can opener if SHTF.

I’ve picked some better-quality credit card tools to share below. They are still cheap but hold up better than others I’ve used.

Wallet Ninja Wallet Ninja

Wallet Ninja makes this completely flat multitool. Built from high-strength steel, it’s a cut above cheaper options and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Wilderness Survival Credit Card Tool Wilderness Survival Credit Card Tool

This credit card tool was made with bugging out in mind. It has fish hooks, a saw blade, and arrows. Now, you just need to learn how to use those tools in a wilderness survival situation!

Wallet-Sized Knife

A knife is one of the most critical survival items you need. If the credit card tool you choose doesn’t have a knife, you’ll want to get one to put in your wallet.

Again, credit card tools aren’t meant for doing challenging tasks. You might be able to shave some tinder with a wallet knife in a pinch, but I’d rather have a fixed blade with me. If you are on a budget, you might want to check out these Top 10 Survival Knives for Under $100.

Even if you carry a knife as part of your EDC, it’s also nice to have a wallet knife. When it comes to survival, “two is one, and one is none.”

Here are two options for wallet knives. Just remember to remove wallet knives before going through security!

Cheap Foldable Knife

These cheap folding knives are trendy now. The design is superb – you fold down the sides and flip out the knife. I’ve used mine to cut plants a few times, and the blade was surprisingly sharp.

Zootility ST2

Another fantastic design, the Zootility ST2, has a few other tools built into it. I love it for its longer blade and serrated edge.

Survival Items

There are a few random survival items that you might want to include in your EDC wallet.

Wallet Firestarters

You’ve got three options: lenses, magnesium and flint strikers, or matches.

I prefer a Ferro rod because it is reliable and doesn’t run out. It takes some skill to use them, so you might want to choose another method.

Can Opener

How could you survive TEOTWAWKI without a can opener? This little one fits in your wallet.

Water Purification Tablets

Water purification is a life-or-death matter! It’s nice to have a few water purification tabs in your wallet, just in case. Some people would consider this overkill, though…

Other EDC Items

  • Pen
  • Compass
  • Spare car key
  • Duct tape (wrapped around a credit card)
  • Calling card
  • Whistle for signaling for help
  • Cordage
  • Lock picking kit
  • Wire blade or snare wire

Are Your Documents Ready?

This isn’t something preppers talk about often, but you should have an emergency binder prepped for emergencies – See our binder template here.

I find the best way to keep these is on a password-protected, encrypted flash drive; if all hell breaks loose while you are out of the home, at least you’ll have your insurance, medical, ID, and copies of other personal documents handy.

Also, don’t forget an ICE card and a medical ID!

Do you consider your wallet as part of your survival EDC? What do you keep in it? Let us know in the comments.

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