Fish Antibiotics for Humans – Can You Take Them?

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The Best Survival Food Companies 2024 [Emergency Kits and Buckets]

Cooking survival food

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Best Budget Survival Knives: 8 Affordable Fixed Blade Options

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The single most important piece of survival gear is arguably your survival knife. Aside from the obvious uses of a survival knife like self-defense, there are countless ways you can use it for your survival

Your 3-Day Bug Out Bag: 39 Item Checklist [PDF Download]

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There are a lot of Bug Out Bag checklists out there which will tell you exactly what to pack. However, these lists ignore the fact that everyone has different survival needs.

15 Best Survival Shovels Of 2024 (And Our Readers Favorite!)

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We don’t think about it much, but shovels are a big part of our survival.  Without shovels, agriculture wouldn’t have been possible. Shovels were crucial for building homesteads and cities, and entrenching tools played a big part in warfare.

How to Make Pemmican (Easy Instructions + 5 Recipes)


Learn how to make pemmican in an ordinary home kitchen. This is the ultimate survival food and superfood. Easy instructions, recipes, variations and videos.