About Us

Our Vision

Primal Survivor’s vision is to preserve humanity through the development of an independent lifestyle where all of one’s core survival needs can be taken care of without any, or at least, minimal reliance on modern society.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to give our readers greater freedom by honing their independence and equipping them with the necessary survival skills that will allow them to be completely self-sufficient.

Our Values

  • Accuracy

    • We want to give our readers survival knowledge that they can actually use to better their lives. As such, we strive to provide survival content that is as accurate as possible. We provide only content that is based on extensive research and has been proven with case studies, personal experience and other practical tests.
  • Reliability

    • We want our readers to be able to apply their survival knowledge even in the toughest times. As such, we strive to provide survival content that is able to withstand anomalies during a time of crisis. We aim to construct our content around core lessons that are universally applicable whenever possible.
  • Accessibility

    • We want our readers to be able to utilize our training regardless of their prepping skill level. As such, we strive to provide survival content that is easily accessible without diminishing the quality of the education. We aim to streamline our content based on systematic processes that is easy to learn and remember.