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bugging out in winter

How to Survive Outdoors in Winter: 10 Tips for Bugging Out in Cold Weather

The first time I went winter camping, I found myself shaking miserably from the freezing cold – and that was even with all the expensive gear I’d brought along.

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off grid rv caravans

The Most Rugged Off Grid RV Caravans You’ve Seen Yet

I’ve said before that I am not going to buy a survival property for bugging out, mostly because I don’t think any properties in my nearby area would actually be secure during a total disaster scenario.  So, I’d rather spend my money on other preps.

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25 Items You Forgot to Put in Your Bug Out Bag

At this site (and many sites all over the web), we’ve talked a lot about What to Pack in Your Bug Out Bag.  Since a BOB is all about survival, we focus on the key areas – like the items which will provide you with shelter, food, water, warmth, and personal security.

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bug out bags for sale

The Problem with Bug Out Bags for Sale

Here’s a little secret: If you go to Google’s Keyword Planner tool, you can find out what sort of things people are searching for online.  Apparently Bug Out Bags for Sale are a really popular term.  Over 1,900 people per month are looking for readymade Bug Out Bags for sale! And that doesn’t even include […]

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bug out backpack

How to Choose a Bug Out Backpack

We talk a lot about what to put in your Bug Out Bag – but what about the Bug Out backpack itself?  Since this is the bag which is going to be holding all of your gear and hopefully keep everything safe, then you better choose it carefully. 

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