The Most Rugged Off Grid RV Caravans You’ve Seen Yet

I’ve said before that I am not going to buy a survival property for bugging out, mostly because I don’t think any properties in my nearby area would actually be secure during a total disaster scenario.  So, I’d rather spend my money on other preps.

For others who don’t want to buy a survival property, here’s another bug out solution: a rugged off grid RV/caravan.

Yes, there are issues with relying on an RV for bugging out – namely the issue with stockpiling fuel.

However, these RV caravans are capable of going on rough terrain, which means you can stay mobile and flee to various destinations based on what is going down.

And, compared to the cost of setting up an off grid property, buying a caravan might make a lot more sense — though do be warned that some of these off road RVs will set you back over $180,000!

Here are some of the most rugged off grid RV caravans that are going to make you hyperventilate they are so tough!

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1. Off Grid by Lotus

Lotus is an Australian company which makes off-road caravans.  The Off Grid is its latest trailer and it retails for about $55,000 USA – which makes it a heck of a lot cheaper than an off road RV and even most other trailers.  Some of its awesome features include:

  • 14 feet
  • Dual panel solar energy and battery system
  • Two 95 liter water tanks
  • Toilet/shower combo
  • 17” wheels
  • Heavy duty Control Rider suspension

off grid by lotus rv

2. Safari Extreme by Global Expedition Vehicles

Global Expedition Vehicles (GXV) makes a lot of models of mouth-watering off road RVs.  The Safari Extreme is one of its even tougher models and it boasts these features which make it perfect for off grid living:

  • 15 feet
  • Mastervolt energy system and additional solar panels
  • Drinking water filtration system
  • 135 gallon (510 liter) water tanks
  • Isotherm water heating

global expeditions safari extreme

3. The Siberian by Tiger Adventure Vehicles

The Siberian is the largest and toughest model made by this off road company.  This rugged off grid RV caravan boasts:

  • AGM batteries
  • Solar power
  • Magnum heavy-duty inverter
  • Can be all-diesel or gasoline/propane
  • Extra roomy gallery

siberian off road rv

4. The Terracross TC59 by Unicat

Unicat is a fairly new company as it was formed only in 2000.  They specialize in making off-road RVs for the global market.  For a new company, they have an impressive record already and have more than 100 products with some bad@ss technology.  The Terracross TC59 RV caravan features:

  • High flexibility waterproof bellows coupling
  • Burglarproof windows
  • 600-liter freeze proof water tanks
  • Automatically change tire pressure to one of four settings: street, track, sand, and emergency

terracross by unicat

5. Pure by Action Mobil

The Pure is the smallest off road RV by Action Mobil, a company which makes some of the most impressive RVs and caravans you’ll find in the world.

At a length of 3.8 to 5.6 meters (12.5 to 18.4 ft) and weight of under 7.49 tons, it is considered a “starter model.”

For bugging out purposes, the smaller size is a big plus.  It means that you need fewer resources to run the RV.

  • Fold-up kitchen and bed
  • Four 240 watt solar panels and 5000 watt inverter
  • MAN TGM 18.340 4×4 chassis
  • 340-hp (250-kW) 6.9-liter inline-six turbo diesel
  • Dual fuel tanks hold 190 gallons

bug out vehicle RV

6. XV-HD by EarthRoamer

I love the EarthRoamer company.  They started in 2002 with just two employees and a vision to make RVs which could go off road.

They are the ones who coined the term “Xpedition Vehicle” or “XV” to show the difference between Xvs and RVs.

I also love that they sell pre-owned XVs on their website in addition to new models.

They also host “Adventure” outings where people who drive XVs can gather, meet, and explore together. The XV-HD is still in production but will be their most impressive model yet.

  • 35 feet length
  • 145 gallons fuel
  • 200 gallons fresh water
  • 100 gallons grey water
  • 4 kilowatts solar and 2x3000W inverter
  • 7 L PowerStroke diesel engine
  • 46” tires

earthroamer off road rv

7. Alpha Camper by All Terrain Warriors USA

ATW USA is another cool company for off road vehicles and RVs.  They started off as  ATW Australia and then teamed up with Sportsmobile West to form ATW USA.

Their RVs utilize the Mitsubishi Fuso truck chasis.  The Alpha Camper may look like a camper, but it has these rugged features for off grid living and bugging out:

  • Solar charging system with 3 x 120 watt laminates
  • 2 x 210 Ah AGM batteries
  • Aluminess bumbers
  • Warn winch
  • Fiamma awning
  • Roof rack
  • Super single wheels

alpha camper

8.  Earthcruiser EXP by EarthCruiser

The great thing about this rugged RV is that it is very compact in size.  It uses a 4×4 truck chasis so it can fit on any parking size.

For off grid living, it is really nice that it has a built in water purification system so you can have clean drinking water from impure sources like rivers or creeks.  Some key features are:

  • Diesel fuel
  • 44 foot turning radius
  • Water purification system
  • 2 solar panels and batteries
  • 80 gallon fresh water supply
  • Pop-top roof

earthcruiser exp

9.  Custom Builds by Xplorer Motor Homes

Xplorer Motor Homes has been in business for over 35 years, making them one of the first companies to make off road RVs.

They have several of their own models of 4WD RVs and also do 6×6 conversions that the customer asks.  Some of their choices include:

  • Diesel or gasoline generators
  • Espar Airtronics heaters
  • Electric tankless water heaters
  • Reverse osmosis water purification system
  • Mobile internet satellite system
  • Compost toilet

xplorer off road RV

Some of you readers might just be interested in an off-road, off-grid RV caravan for exploring and expeditions.  But if you are considering getting an off-grid rugged vehicle for a Bug Out Vehicle and Survival Property in one, then note this:

You will still need to choose a remote area to flee to in case of a major disaster.  Never rely on a vehicle to save you in a disaster.  Even a vehicle as tough as these RVs will is still susceptible to EMP, theft, fuel shortages, and much more!

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You’ll want to have that remote area to bug out to planned, as well as everything you need to survive in your Bug Out Bag.

What Bug Out Vehicle do you have planned?

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  1. I think bug-out vehicles don’t have to be this impressive… or expensive. Of course having a 4-wheel drive is better but I have been travelling rough (Spanish backcountry roads, anyone?) for some years now with an ordinary Renault van, which I converted into a very inconspicuous little camping vehicle: 225.000km and still going strong!
    One of the best things of it is that it doesn’t scream “I have money, come and get it!” It’s discretion also assures that you don’t get evicted from those places that do not accept the usual camper vehicles. Sometimes it is better to just pass under the radar…

  2. Nice article Janice. I was in love with a girl named Janice Kuhagen in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Anyway, I like the idea of an off road vehicle that one or two persons can live in, no matter where they have to go! I’m currently concerned about the stuff going on in the US, and looking for something that will let me live in northern US where the folks who are opposed to my politics (Independent, freedom loving, or anti socialist) can live without hassle from the other side. Mostly looking for a common US pickup that can pull a reasonable sized sized off road trailer camper that won’t bust the budget. Ok, busting the budget had multiple levels, but let’s say the pickup and camper should not cost more than $150K or so. You get the idea. $200 is ok if it works better than anything else. truck should probably be standard 4 door single axle. Diesel or gas is OK. Trail unit is probably better than bed mount, so I can leave it for a while when needed.
    What would you do? Curious…

  3. Hi my name is Janice OBryan and we are gold miners . Looking for an off the grid rv to use mining . We stay out on claims weeks at a time and need something more user friendly. That can stay out for loner periods of time .


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