10 Buck Folding Knives that Will Make Every Hunter Drool

buck knife

No hunter or survivalist would be equipped without a good knife. And, when it comes to knives, Buck folding knives are considered one of the best options.  Here’s where we’ll guide you through the best Buck folding knives.What is a Buck Folding Knife?Before we get into the best Buck folding knives, we should clarify what exactly … Read more

Should You Have a Neck Knife?

neck knife pros cons

One of the trendiest new-ish items in the survivalist community is the neck knife.  Small and lightweight, these knives are designed to be worn around the neck like a necklace. But they aren’t without controversy.  Some love neck knives and others think they are flat-out idiotic.   Here’s the unbiased scoop on neck knives to see whether it is worth it to get one!

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